Nigeria @60: Readdressing The Imbalance

Nigeria @60: Readdressing The Imbalance

We join Nigerians to celebrate Nigeria at 60. While more than 80% of readers were not born then in 1960, education afforded us opportunities of comprehending the build-up to our independence and tortuous journey to Nationhood as we stand on the edge of 60.

It’s indisputable as alluded by leaders across Nigeria that NDIGBO have not had her fair share in governance and appointments in Nigeria as well as infrastructural developments. A combination of these had fuelled diverse agitations as expected in reactionary moods.

We urge NDIGBO to be steadfast at this trying time as AKO BU IJE. We must eat of the good fruits of this land united or divided.

Further to the above, in the spirit of same manufactured RRR after the civil war, the Federal Government should:

  1. Commence Rehabilitation of Federal roads in the zone;
  2. We note with dismay the non mentioning or inclusion of Southeast in the trending Railway bonanza reverberating across Nigeria. We are still part of this entity and deserve Railway as opposed to Railway to Niger Republic;
  3. FG through NIWA should give human face and seriousness towards Seaports in Southeast. Portharcourt Port is back to life;
  4. Federal government, political parties and political stakeholders should show enough commitment towards producing Nigerian President of Igbo extraction come 2023;
  5. May we reiterate that Federal government should de-proscribe IPOB, grant Amnesty to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, release all detained IPOB members undergoing trial or awaiting trial and commence process of reintegration and empowerment as obtained in Niger Delta militants and Boko Haram terrorists. They are our brothers and sons.
  6. That the Bill for South East Development Commission (SEDC) at House of Representatives as sponsored by Hon Nkeiru Onyejiocha be given expedited attention and actualization towards activating growth and rebuilding process in Southeast.
  7. That the Southeast governors MUST do everything within her power including partnering with Town Unions and Traditional Institutions in a segmented manner towards protection of lives and properties of NDIGBO.
  8. That Ndigbo must join hands with NUF to contain the onslaught of our common enemy called EEDC which has vowed to stifle growth and meaningful life in Southeast.
  9. The youths must reawaken their political consciousness not by serving as touts and thugs for blood sucking politicians that will abandon them after elections but must actively and positively participate in political activities. Youths must be card carrying members of political parties and can change the political landscape of Ndigbo. Anambra election beckons next year and NUF is committed to visible Youth inclusiveness.
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Ndi-Igbo United Forum
is ever committed to Igbo unity, Igbo welfare and Igbo interests. We have achieved a lot for NDIGBO and still ready to do more.

Mazi Agodi KANU
Secretary General.

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