Nigeria May Fight This Pandemic Till The End Of This Year


The novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) has eventually become the most challenging pandemic in the century after claiming millions of lives and infected people. Now the question is for how long?

The origin of this virus can be traced to the city in China named Whuan which claimed a lot of lives in the city. So technically now what exactly is this solution to the problem. We have been facing this pandemic for Over a period of time now and we need to ask ourselves this question for our long? now back to Nigeria.

Nigeria is a developing nation and there would be adverse effects of this pandemic on the economy at large. Since the first case of COVID-19, the turnout of infection has been moderates compared with other developed nations like the United States which has top the most infected individuals this novel Coronavirus

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The government keeps talking about curves, now China has overcome this pandemic. A typical Nigeria knows we are nearly never prepared for this. We are just always lucky when it comes to things like this same for Ebola.

According to estimates with the total traceable number of people that have come in contact with the index, the case is 36,000 but according to the health minister, he assured that the case would be brought down to 12,000 cases with the directive of social distancing. What begins to buffer my mind most is when are we going to attain this figure. For how long are we going to be locked up in our homes.

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The Economy is trickling down in shambles as days go by, after this pandemic, it’s more or less like starting all over again. Are we going to pick quickly or slowly? After this pandemic. What is the faith for the unemployed, major airlines had to cut down the cost of operations as a result of the effects on the aviation industry by laying off over 20,000 workers?

Do we have the health capacity for 12,000 cases? The truth needs to be said if we eventually get to the point we start having 500 cases every day people will waste due to the needed facilities against this virus. It’s typically going to be 4 weeks (1 month) and some developed countries who are currently going through this challenge have been on lockdown for over 80days.

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The government talked about palliatives to the poor ones, what about the youths? Those that rely on their salaries and wages

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  1. Comparing our level of preparedness during the Ebola outbreak to our level of preparedness to fight COVID-19 is like comparing sleep with death.
    …. Nigeria was very proactive during the Ebola crises compared to the confusion we have now.

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