Nigeria Must Not Break Up – Femi Falana

Nigeria Must Not Break Up - Femi Falana

Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, has made a comment that shows he stands for a united Nigeria as he said that those calling for the breakup of the country based on ethnicity are short sighted. 

Agitations for an independent Biafra and Oduduwa nations have increased in recent times, especially since some individuals from the North openly backed herders who are suspected to be involved in killings and kidnappings of unsuspecting indigenous citizens.

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“Nigeria is the largest concentration of black people on earth, we must make it to succeed. Those who are calling for a breakup of Nigeria based on ethnicity are short sighted. They simply want to transfer the national oppression, national exploitation to their own freedoms,” said Femi Falana.

Speaking further he said: “Non of them is talking about education in their imagined republic. Non of them is adressing the type of economy that will promote prosperity in the republic of their dream.

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“It is all about let us get our own freedom to continue the oppression of the masses, and it will not work. By the way, all those who are declaring republics online, have they had referenda where the people have said they want to leave Nigeria? Nobody have done that. A group of people suddenly decided they want to go. To where?

“You must address the problems of underdevelopment of the country. And these problems they are using as excuse for a possible breakup are man made. Those problems can be solved.

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