Nigeria To Greatness Season 1

*The Call of a Nigerian Graduate*

I school, you school; we all school. The journey just begun but tough anyway. We left our comfort homes to new horizons for the fear of the future. We lit up the candles as boys and girls for the glorious women and men to emerge. Lecturers played hide and seek with us, university staff controlled our selling point and even navigated us to the tempest when there was a safe shore. Assignments stole our sleep, puzzled with our lifeline and sometimes even shifted the positions of our pockets and pulse. We studied harder to get the grades as new semester approaches, old logarithm fades as we head on for new logistics.

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At sunrise, morning lecture calls with stomach filled with nothing and sustains the day with streneous non-activities with offices of lecturers becoming home-sweet-home. What of when the sponsor unsponsors and garri becomes a well treated campus salad. Sometimes a lift with the two legs to classes becomes preferable than shuttle in order to see you through.

Gradually we are coming to our final year and we have to learn the equation that is of no “tion” in our profession at our high theory institution. After the final exams, we get ready for graduation. Luckily, the long awaited day comes. Our eyes filled with shock and our minds ready to absorb it. The caps start rolling in the air as graduates throw up their pen and some materials; family and friends rejoices as the journey of life begins.

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Arise o compatriots serving the nation becomes inevitable as NYSC turns higher Bsc. Then the world receives another group of young intellectuals who are ready to uncover, hijacking the labour market

(to be cont’d)


*The first foreigners to explore the area that will be called Nigeria were the Portuguese in 1472.*


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