Nigerians Fingered As 2-year-old Boy Kidnapped And Killed In Ghana


A two-year-old boy has met his untimely death at Kasoa Chinese in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra region of Ghana. The decomposing body of the boy was found in an area called Tollbooth after he was allegedly kidnapped by some Nigerians three days ago.

Father of the deceased, Mr Sam Abandoh in an interview with Adom News said the two-year-old boy was kidnapped in front of his house.

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Mr Abandoh said, the senior brother of the deceased told him that he heard his junior brother crying in the house of the Nigerians residing in the same vicinity, but after some hours the crying stopped.

He, thus, sought the help of some residents to storm the house where the Nigerians live. However, the boy was not found in the house despite a thorough search with the help of about 20 men.

Days after, they woke up to sadly learn the death of the boy whose body had been dumped in some old concrete blocks at Tollbooth.Mother in coma

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Mother of the two-year-old boy, unable to bear the news, collapsed and is currently in coma at the Mallam Junction Polyclinic.

Father of the deceased told Adom News, he and his wife collapsed at the same time after seeing the body in a concrete block.

However, he woke up later, but his wife is still in coma.

Mr Abandoh added that the Nigerians kidnapped his son with a white Toyota saloon car and a black Hyundai.

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He blamed the Tollbooth Police Department for the death of his son. According to him, police officers on duty failed to give him audience when he reported the boy was missing.

Meanwhile, some angry residents called on the government to sack all Nigerians from Kasoa Chinese, else they will take the law into their own hands and evict them by force.

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  1. Nigeria people can not have that mind to do this kind of shit,ask your people very well they we be the one that did this,you guys hate us much thats is the reason small thing Nigerian s ,pls maybe the 3 guys are innocent,,pls handle this well brother's and sister's cos we are 0ne 1,,in the lord..thanks

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