Nigerians we need to tell ourselves the truth

Every time I think about this country my heart keeps skipping, my fear is always at the highest. Atimes, I blame myself for being married, if not, I would not be this afraid. I will not be afraid of what will happen to my wife and children should crisis starts in this country. I will not be limited or be cowed by family but believe that a man can only die ones. There is a lot of rubbish going on in this country that will make you to ask the question, are we living in a sane world? There is constant killing, maiming and Carnage that make no sense and that are being perpetrated everyday. Innocent lives are being killed and yet we are saying one Nigeria. The worse part is the blind eyes and deaf ears our leaders are paying to this thing. Things are degenerating and some people are still parading themselves as leaders. If the followers die all, I wonder who this people will lead.

The truth of the matter is that you cannot shy away from the truth and expect things to go normal. You cannot run away from the truth and expect justice and righteousness to prevail. This marriage is not functioning. This contraption of a marriage and unity is not working. It is either we come to a round table and chat a new course of how we want to be governed and coexist as a nation or we part ways. There is oppression and suppression of one tribe over the other simply because they have people in top echelon of government. There are schemes and ploys by this tribe to exert their authority on other without any consideration that other people too have their own desires and also are part of this country.

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We need to own up and say the truth that things are not going fine in this country. Common to travel from one local government to the other has now become suicide mission basically because anything can happen, and basically because one’s security cannot be guaranteed.

How can we be living in perpectual fear and expect the country to grow? In this dispensation that other countries of the world are breaking through in technology and science, we are still battling with common insecurity and corruption and yet we are saying we want to move the country forward. How are we going to move the country forward like this? 

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One, there is high level of unemployment and joblessness. There is virtually little or no hope for any body to secure jobs, even when the jobs are not there. Everybody now is looking for government employment even when it is not there. And even at that it is being given out on man know man or what we call connection in government. 

Two, there is the deficit of infrastructural armenities. At this time , the country cannot provide common 12 hours of electricity. A lot of money has gone and is still going into that sector but no result. Companies can no longer sustain the huge production and overhead cost and this had made a lot of companies to fold up and those that did not has relocated to other sane clime. Now we are churning out graduate to go and sit at home and still be fed by their parent just because the leaders fail to do the needful. And under this infrastructural issue is still the bad roads and lack of pipe borne water etc. Infact, a lot can be said under this but I don’t want to disturb myself over it since it is not new to us all.

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We need to tell ourselves the truth. This country needs to be restructured or we go our separate ways. The clause that binds us together as one is not an iron clause and, even if it is, it can be broken into pieces. And besides our coming together as one is not that we sat down and decided but was decided for us by the colonial master, the British. Therefore, if we want to forge ahead we must have a round table discussion and stop deceiving ourselves that we are one. I am first human before being a Yoruba man and before being called a Nigeria. I am a Yoruba man first, and I will first represent the yoruba before representing Nigeria. 

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