Nigeria’s Democracy is getting messy

By Meduoye Adeyinka

if we look back into the remote and immediate causes of our deviation from the track of National interest and pursuance of worthy lives for all Nigerians by the government into the foray of personal aggrandizement, dashing of democratic hopes, impairing of integrity and moral principles, corrupt practices, nepotism and favoritism, greed, mediocrity and oppression, ethnic and religious intolerance among the citizenry – our hearts shall bleed for equity for humanity, and chase after societal integration as witnessed during the struggles for colonialism.

In today’s Nigeria, the cart is being placed before the horse, amidst the constant dialogue to ensure that Nigeria’s future isn’t compromised. Those at the helm of affairs are supposed to be at the forefront in promoting the spirit of nationalism and guiding the young minds to align with the vision of portraying and creating a glowing rewarding tomorrow in consonance with the ideals of a strong and virile economy lay-out, as being orchestrated by our founding fathers.

The advocates of silence have taken the back seats – the sycophants will never seize to go wild – there are noises in the graveyard, as the labor of our heroes past is nauseating to a degree of near complete destruction. Despite having clinched the prestigious trophy of independence in 1960 and then parading herself within the corridors of democratic practices and processes, Nigeria is still not out of the woods. Why? This is a mind-boggling question that is still left unanswered in the heart of many. There is absence of national identity in the land; there is no sense of purpose; there is no collective sense of integration neither is there tangible and intangible thread holding political entities together, in order to promote democratic ethos and ideological premises here and there within the hemisphere of our porous society.

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Even In the advent of more democratic enlightenment, our political leaders have no regard for human decency, and consistently feign deaf ears to the wailings of the populace. They have lost contact with reality – they see nothing, hear nothing and feel nothing. They are always good in spreading the paroxysm of hatred and division across the draw board. Yet, the system is getting messy. “Nigeria roads are not as bad as it is claimed” – an appointee uttered without having a slight idea of those death-traps we all called roads. What a phrase!!! It might interest us that the most active ministry in Nigeria today is the ministry of corruption. Yes, that is it. The ministry is so efficient and effective in dishing out her duties and responsibilities without delay, with little or no supervision.

Fellow Nigerians – The Social Media Regulation Policy is a big sham. All they want is to imbibe dubious attempt on hate speech with a proposed death penalty, just to keep the concerned and patriotic populace at bay. What truly constitute a hate speech? Or what are the dire elements of it? Today, this once enjoyable adventure has stickily turned into a fruitless one like a barren lady who had suffered series of miscarriages after her marital breakthrough. The tale of Utopia sought after has also shape-shift over the years to a dystopia in our hands. Sanctions and convictions are designed as deterrent measures to keep the populace at bay, but the misapplications of sanctions have increased criminalities in our society at large with clear realities on the state of insecurity steadily going from bad to worse.

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The custodian of the nation’s democracy is acting like that of a rubber-stamped, while the edifice of the hope of the common man is being plagued with corrupt interpretations of the law, and this is alarming. They whispered to us without reasons “that case lacks merit and is therefore dismissed”. The truth might not compulsorily win a case, you need substantial and established evidence to wholeheartedly drive and inject the syringe of your truth into the heart of the purported judge. But in a clime of ours, it is dispirited that a well-established proof of evidence will assuredly be view under the microscope of unending sentiments. A clime where supportive nepotism as a self-humanitarian tool, is seen waxing stronger in the well-pressed fabric of our nascent democracy.

From the privy of the Upper-room – they dictate, navigate and control the mace and gavel at the same time, which are struggling to attain relevance and stability without recourse for due process, as evident in the “die-minute” approval of billions of naira to one of their own, to continue in their manipulations and political gimmicks. For months, he woefully failed to pay salaries to the struggling workers, yet he allegedly bought a luxurious car for a traditional ruler, expected to be ride on potholes-filled-roads. The symbol of mischief continues as the race for a second term is now regarded as a top priority. In a sane society, that bloke must have been stoned and thrown in the dustbin.

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The level of development in a nation is nothing but a reflection of her leadership and societal standards, but ours is degenerated. We have poor leadership. Yes, you heard me right huhh!!! Of course, that is the truth. Little wonder the dividends of democracy are still slow-walking and crawling to the promise land. Sometimes I do have a rethink into modernity, asking myself – is democracy truly the way out? Or is democracy now a scam accompany with countless audio promises? If democracy isn’t working out, can’t we try and practice a new system of governance termed “Youthocracy” as being coined by Tunde Eso in his book titled: “Vision for Africa”?

Truth be told – The exigent need for chauvinism among citizens is very germane to advance democratic course in Nigeria, but people seems to have limited opportunities to correct the ills and wrongs of the society while failing to understand that Nigeria still remains our country. The beauty of other countries we adore erupts from the exceptional support of her citizen which then culminated into positive ideals in their governance. We are the conscience of the nation and we are moving forward together.

God bless Nigeria.

Adeyinka writes from Lagos

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