NIMC to suspend the NIN registration due to covid-19

NIMC NIN registration

The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), has made serious complains about the careless policies made by the federal government, which had contributed emensely to the serious coronavirus outbreak in recent weeks.

As we speak now, the country might have another lockdown and this time, things may not be favourable for us at all.

According to recent statements, that the federal government had not declared the NIN registration in its right senses. Which means they were not wise in taking the decision they made.

The NCDC has made the solution known, and that is to suspend the current ongoing NIN registration.

It has been reported, that a country like Nigeria, does not even have the standard offices and equipment to register those who are trooping in to get their NIN number.

The dangers of them contracting covid-19 still stands.

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