Nnamdi Kanu Sends Strong Message To The UK Government

Nnamdi Kanu UK Government

Leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra and founder of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), Nnamdi Kanu sent a message to the United Kingdom over what is happening in the country especially the ugly incident that occurred in Ebonyi State, South East of Nigeria. 

Kanu lamented the ugly incident that had happened in Ebonyi State as he shared the report from Channels TV on his Twitter page. Kanu has been on the spotlight ever since he began the agitation for Biafra in which many Nigerians, the federal government and some South East governments are not in support of his actions. 

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However, Kanu seems to be unworried by the chaos and tension his supporters have caused the country in the guise of fighting for the freedom of Ndigbo. It is out of place for one who claims to be a leader, leads from afar (lives abroad) and command thousands of others to disturb and distract the present government of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Having said that, Kanu has accused the UK government of favoritism for one of the Nigerian ethnic groups (Fulani people). He made a shocking statement that the “Fulani” are putting aside the guns and bullets that they supplied them to fight Boko Haram terrorists and are doing otherwise. According to him, “they are slaughtering men, women and children in Ebonyi, allegedly said that they are supported by those who are supposed to protect lives and properties in the country. 

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See a screenshot of the report Kanu shared on his Twitter page with the caption “Tension As Gunmen Attack Another Community In Ebonyi.”

Here is what Kanu tweeted; 

“Dear Colonial Master @UKinNigeria, Hope you can see to what use, your favourite servants, the #Fulani, are putting all those guns & bullets you supplied them to fight Boko Haram with. They are slaughtering men, women & children in Ebonyi with the support of @HQNigerianArmy.” 

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