Nnamdi Kanu Will Not Come Back To Nigeria For His Parent’s Burial

Few hours ago, it was reported that Nnamdi Kanu has told the media that he won’t come back to Nigeria for his parent’s burial ceremony which slated to hold on friday.

The leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra has talked about the insecurity of the nation and he has vowed never to come back until the right time.

The IPOB leader told radio broadcast in London that he will be watching everything with the aid of CCTV and other media supporters that will be capturing the event live in Abia state.

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According to him, the main goal of IPOB is to produce an independent state for the people of Eastern Region of Nigeria but this has not been successful as government and other notable people in Nigeria have been slamming him for the move.

Recall that in 2017, the IPOB leader was one of the major threats to Federal Government and there was even a time that Military men invaded his home town in abia to arrest him but couldn’t find him.

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However from all indications, it seems Nnamdi Kanu noticed that he was been traced then, his departure to other countries became the best option for him.

Is it not better Nnamdi Kanu forget about Nigeria for now because he is a threat to President Buhari but what will happen to his parent’s burial ceremony if he doesn’t show up ?

Will Policemen not disrupt the event ?

These are discussions that will need to talk on.

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Please let’s share our opinions on this

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