Nnamdi Kanu Woes Military, Police With Benefits To Resign & Join The Revolution

Nnamdi Kanu

In yesterday’s broadcast, Nnamdi Kanu Proposed Benefits To Nigerian Military and Police to Resign and Join The Revolution. I’m not just proposing this he said, I will be on ground to command this revolution.

Purpose of revolution: rescue Nigerian youths from the hands of criminal politicians and corrupt system. Sit down afterwards as regions to discuss our future and charter a course for ourselves and generations unborn.

1. We will pay your salary two months in advance, cash.
2. Thereafter, you will be paid your monthly salary on the first of the month
3. You will be equipped with necessary safety and battle equipment to get the job done.
4. Your family (wife, kids, dependents) will be cared for if you died during the revolution.
5. Upon successful revolution, your name will be honored in plaque, taught in schools and history will remember you for your bravery.

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