No going back on NDDC probe –Reps

House of Representatives

The House of Representatives has reiterated its commitment to a thorough probe
of the Niger Development Commission (NDDC). Chairman, House Committee on NDDC, Olubunmi
Tunji-Ojo, who stated this, in Abuja, yesterday, said the parliament will not mortgage the
future of the people of Niger Delta.
He claimed that since the
House resolved to probe the
NDDC, there have been all
manner of threats and blackmail against the members of
his committee.
Regardless, he said the
parliament was determined
to go ahead with the investigation in the interest of the
country and the Niger Delta.
He dismissed allegations
by a member of the NDDC
Interim Management Committee (IMC) that contracts
were awarded to the members of committee.
Tunji-Ojo, who insisted
that he is not involved in
any contract in the NDDC
challenged the commission
to approach any of the antigraft agency with empirical
evidence to substantiate its
He said contrary to the position of the NDDC interim
management, the House was
not against the forensic audit
of the commission ordered
by President Muhammadu
He said forensic audit, notwithstanding, the National
Assembly owes the country
a duty to investigate various
allegations levelled against
the IMC.
Meanwhile, Chukwuma
Umeoji, has urged the Federal Government to re-open
the country’s border, as a
means of mitigating the economic effects of COVID-19.
Umeoji, who represents Aguata Federal Constituency of Anambra State,
in a statement, yesterday,
said the continued closure
of borders was inimical to
government efforts to grow
the local manufacturing
sector as companies that
collected grants from the
Federal Government have
markets for their products
across ECOWAS countries.
He said border closure has
rendered inter-state trade
among ECOWAS nations
He said Nigeria has made
its point by the temporary
closure of her borders, saying the present economic
realities favour a re-opening
of the borders to stimulate
the economy and save “few
functional industries” in the
country from collapse.
“At a time of global economic recession, Nigeria
should rethink on the border closure to stimulate regional trade among ECOW- AS countries. As a major
economic power in the subregion and host of ECOWAS
secretariat, it does not show
leadership for Nigeria to be
seen to be working against
free trade among ECOWAS
countries,” Umeoji said

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