No Handshake For Cultists And Their Sponsors” —— Hon Abuh Odoma

The attention of Idah Local Government Authority under the Leadership of HON. ABUH ODOMA has been drawn to the recent sinister attack.

It is no longer news that life was lost due to the cult attack.

The Administrator of the local government has condemned the regrettable cult incident and warned those behind it, to distance themselves from causing further harms to our already fragile peace.

There have been frequent cases of cult killings in the Local government. Let me take you on a memorylane that on the 23rd July, 2018 over four persons were killed due to cult attacks. Also on the 29th June, 2018 a naval squad fully armed while on patrol gunned down a dreaded cultist and several failed revenge attacks were staged by the members of the cult group.

Moreso on the 26th April, 2016; about 13 cultists were killed in Idah following series of clashes between rival cult groups.

We equally experienced the killing of one Danjuma Amodu a.k.a MORPHY by suspected rival cultists at the front of his residence in Idah GRA.

The current administration under Hon. Abuh Odoma having reviewed insecurity issues in LGA and it’s environs has finally resolved not to tolerate killings by any blood-thirsty and sucking killers.

Our administration believe in peaceful human co-existence and we would not harbour disgruntled criminal elements.

For those who are ready to comply with our government, we would support you but for those who want to bring our government down and push us into shame, we would hate and fight you because our rich cultural heritage do not go in agreement with the resolves of the bastards who do not know their historical roots and importance.

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The current Idah Local government administration is aware that the major function of government is the protection of life and property

He further maintained that his administration would pursue people oriented political agenda while promoting a steady resolve not to give prompt and visible rewards to all human illegalities.

Our system of operations do not have regards for those behind all forms of evil machinations including all the cult groups responsible for the recent clashes in Idah LGA.

Anyone or criminal caught unleashing mayhem on innocent people vis-a-vis the destructions properties would be made to face the full wrath of the laws.

Apart from the mayhem between the rival cult members unleashed on themselves, innocent people including students, other decent members of our local government had one time or the other have fallen victims to cultists.

Many have been killed while others maimed for life.

These cult groups operate with dangerous weapons like guns, machetes, axes and acids to carry out their nefarious activities.

The story of the recent cult attack is the same just like the past.

Our People are no longer safe.

An atmosphere of insecurity of life and property pervades the air in IDAH LGA.

Ironically, the present day cult members in our Local government area operate with the sole intention to oppress, kill and cause havocs.

They have deviated from the aims and objectives of the founding fathers of the only one campus cult group back then known as the pirate confraternity.

The authorities of our local government area, are mindful of all the acts of cult related customary tortures and persecutions and would not condone it’s recurence to causing it’s further deterioration into political violence.

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The whole security teams in Idah Local Government Authority have significantly proven to be steadfast and resilience in the fight against criminal marauders waiting to have field day just to launch attacks on the vulnerable populace and anybody involved in this, shall not be spared.

It is no going to be business as usuals where criminality would claim superiority over service delivery.

The current administration would consequently use the names of all the cult groups and their unscrupulous collaborators known to have supported and carried out the recent nefarious activities in our Local government.

All those involved in the criminal engagements of attacks remotely discovered during the hidden and open scene egregious plannings especially during the brainstorming hours and minutes of the executions by all the perpetrators of the dastard attacks can never be disguised to us and would not go scotfree.

Let it be known that all the cult heinous and the clandestine moves to serve all the dictates of their paymasters and the camps of all the evildoers are now open secrets to the local government authority.

The camps of the groups involved in these bloody merchants shall remain penetrable hide-outs and we shall raid to dislodge them.

We have promised to engaged them frontally with unshaking determinations to rid Idah LGA of all cases of cult-related threats, killings and maimings.

The Administrator of Idah Local government authority thanked and charged all our security men and women in uniforms for being proactive in the fight against insecurity while calling them that the menance of cultism must be tackled collectively in local government.

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We in this administration would not be resting on our oars given all the available dossiers of information over the next moves of all the cult groups and other criminal elements through all the elaborate details of all the cultists-and criminal dangerous trails in Idah metropolis.

We have these facts at the tips of our fingers and none of them would be omitted in our rescue operations of the populace.

The Authority in the LGA through dependable ingenuity would be guided by fairness, sportsmanship, equity and honesty to ensure that only those involved in all these heinous attacks would be brought to books and sanctioned.

All the youths whose stocks in trades are not criminal in nature in our LGA would have handshakes with our positively minded leaders while all those cultists in all the identified murderous enterprises would be rewarded with merciless and degrading handcuffs without escaping prosecutions through a court of law.

All the security men and women would remain guarded by large scale intelligence gathering capabilities.

The whole prominently known Nigerian security outfits resident in our Local government shall work together to minimize bloodshed.

Finally, security is an unfinished business and should be taken as collective enterprise for total empancipation for our people and for the growths and developments of state.

To all the criminal merchants, I would say:

“That any evil done by man to man, would be redressed if not now certainly later by GOD, FOR THE VICTORY OF GOOD OVER EVIL IS TEMPORARY.


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