No One Wants To Employ Me Because Of My Face – Musa Modu

Musa Modu

Individuals shouldn’t endure in light of what they can’t help. Musa Modu is one of those individuals that have endured dismissal due to what befallen him when he was a child. He portrayed his difficulty while he was addressing BBC pigin in a meeting. 

I have been attempting to look for some kind of employment to do since I came down to Lagos but since of my condition individuals don’t permit me to work with them. On occasion when my companions help me look for some kind of employment, when I introduce myself to the businesses and they see my face they wouldn’t permit me to work for them. Perhaps by taking a gander at my face, they figure I would be not able to would the work yet in my care, I want to any work, Musa Modu said. 

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Musa Modu 

Musa Modu wasn’t conceived that way, he got scorched by fire when he was a kid while his folks were in the homestead attempting to have the option to give food to the family. He was brought into the world in the province of Borne however he has live in Lagos state for more than 8 years in look for greener field. 

Source :BBC Pigin

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