NTA Is An Embarrassment To Nigeria


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Came back this morning from church only to discover that my cable subscription has expired, so i tuned to the only available channel NTA.

I haven’t watched NTA for God knows how long now, i was totally disappointed with what was showing on my tv screen, the picture quality and lighting was very poor, audio quality was awful. It was as if i was teleported by to the 1970s or something.

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We are in the 21st century for God sake, what will it cost the management of NTA to overhaul the stations. I believe they get budgets annually running into billions. Privately owned and managed tv stations like Channels, Tvc, Arise, Silverbird, AIT, etc are miles ahead of a supposedly more financed NTA. And what’s with the archaic dirty brown colour combination, can’t the colours of the station be changed to something more appealing and brighter? Or do we need a two- third majority of the national assembly to rebrand NTA.

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For over 20 years ministers come and go and no one thought it wise to rebrand the station, if it involves sacking some persons to get the station running let the needful be done. NTA is supposed to be a national brand and pride, but what we currently have today is nothing to write home about.

I couldn’t spare 3 minutes to watch the station today because it was a torture to the eyes and sense of good taste.
Let the appropriate persons sit up and save the only national tv we have as at today.

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