Obiano And His 8 Years Battle With “Intellectual Terrorism”


By Mazi Ejimofor

Terrorism, before it takes a fatal dimension, begins from a certain intellectual base. A building block of thoughtless rationale for condemnable actions.

If this is understood from the points espoused by countless number of Obiano detractors, one can clearly argue that while the Northeast battles with Terrorism in its most formidable manifestation, Anambra, under Obiano has continued to fight “Intellectual Terrorism”.

With Faceless Suicide writers like Odumodu Gbulagu, Ikuku Amanonya and others constantly on an open “pen attack”, their intention is beyond distraction. It is more of a destruction of the Psyche. The fatalities are exemplified in the number of victims who read and hold their opinion as true.

A resilient Obiano has girded his loins to their chagrin. All u can expect are pockets of soft attacks like the one that speaks of “Evil Spirits in Government House” and the recent hack publication on the Punch Newspaper.

Indeed, “Madu K’naya”

May Obiano keep succeeding.

Success is the best response to naysayers…

It was Bob Marley who sang about “the Stone that the builders refused” becoming the chief corner stone.

Obiano has simply lived out this yore saying.

Congratulations are in order!

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