Obiano And His Media Gangsters Against Anambra State Traditional Rulers

Obiano And His Media Gangsters Against Anambra State Traditional Rulers

By: Paschal Candle

It is very clear that this visionless and clueless  administration of Gov Obiano is now drowning faster than anyone could think. The Government has lost focus and direction. The recent rantings and posting on social Media by His Media Charlatans on the visit of Anambra Traditional Rulers didnt come as a surprise. 

Since Yesterday, They are now trending videos of some traditional rulers who were sharing money at Prince Arthur Eze’s house. They are denigrating the traditional institution without shame.

Why is Governor Obiano so scared of this Presidential Visit that He has deployed Charlatans to disparage our Traditional Rulers and Our Traditional Institutions. Why is this Visit a source of Worry and Concern to this Governor and APGA Media Charlatans. How  can a political party go this far in disparaging our traditional rulers, if they do not have anything to hide and worry. The question I want to ask, are the traditional rulers the first to visit Arthur Eze and got money from him? The Answer is No.

Unless, you have never been to Prince Arthur Eze’s House in Abuja, Enugu, Ukpo or London. Three  things are common there namely Good music, Eating food  no matter your class in the society and

Sharing money to His Visitors both for Oga and Umu Oga. It is a Tradition in his House. So it didn’t start with Ndi Igwe. He even share money to enemies including Ndi APGA.

On Several Occasions, Governor Obiano’s  wife has gone to Prince Engr Arthur Eze’s House to get a share of her own. He  has also shared to Governor  Obiano. There are video and Picture evidences too. Attached here is Governor Obiano in Prince Arthur’s House. Follow the arrow and see the Ghana Must Go. Because the money came in hard currency,Obiano didnt allow any of his aides to carry the bag. Pictures and Videos loading.

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Almost all aspirants and candidates in Anambra, South East and Nigeria political sphere have gone to Prince Arthur Eze to have a share of his money. He shares money to the clergies, Bishops, pastors etc and the Church and Congregations in the Church. And his monies come in bundles and fresh mints. He shares money everywhere he goes , every event he attends and at all occasions even at Airports. There is nothing new and particular about sharing money in Arthur Eze’s House.

So what’s the difference between the money Prince Engr Arthur Eze gave to ndi Igwe which they shared and the one he gave to the APGA governor and his wife? 

it might interest Ndi Anambra to know that  two Igwes from Aguleri the home town of gov Obiano are in Abuja in solidarity with Prince Arthur Eze against their own son. They are part of the Presidential Visit that is yet to take place.

The reason for all these useless post on social Media from the APGA Media Charlatans like diminutive Chinedu Obigwe is that Prince Engr Arthur Eze has challenged Gov Willie Obiano to account for  the profound looting of the state fund and his tearful rape on our Local Government system. Thus, things that were   inconsequential before now, has  become a matter of National debate.

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Unfortunately, many people who know this fact about the way and Life style of Prince Arthur Eze when it comes to sharing money  and who have partaken in the sharing spree of The Ozoigbondu, are now forming Holy Holy. 

Governor Obiano should caution his media men and focus on the issue at hand without dragging the sacred Traditional institutions to it. By Now, Governor Obiano should be telling Ndi Anambra what and what he did with all the money that came to Anambra State.

This is a tip of the iceberg what Anambra State Local Government areas earned only in 2019 between January 2019 to November 2019. This is the real issue on ground not sharing Personal Money of Prince Engr Arthur Eze’s Money.

Ndi Anambra,take a look at money that entered the State in just 11 months per Local Government. Then think of this for the past 6 Years and ask yourself a question, if this allocation really reflected  on the development of our Local Government Areas. From Ekwulobia to Umuona to Umuchu to Aguluezechukwu to Ebenebe,Amansea,Ndi Ukwuenu to Awgbu to Ndi Okpalaeze to Anambra west to Anaku, it is Lamentations, agony and pity on the State of roads in Anambra State. The question now is,where is Our Local Government funds? What are they are being used for? All Governor Obiano could do is to send His Media Charlatans to attack Prince Engr Arthur Eze and Traditional Rulers in Anambra State. 

From the Federal Allocation coming to ANAMBRA State, this is what Local Government Areas in the State earn between January 2019 to November 2019 alone. All amount in Billions.

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Aguata: N2.54Bn

Anambra East: N1.69Bn

Anambra West: N1.73Bn

Aniocha: N2.11Bn

Awka North: N1.58Bn

Awka South: N1.83Bn

Ayamelum: N1.7Bn

Dunukofia: N1.51Bn

Ekwusigwo: N1.69Bn

Idemili North: N2.67Bn

Idemili South: N1.86Bn

Ihiala: N2.26Bn

Njikoka: N1.67Bn

Nnewi North: N1.66Bn

Nnewi South: N1.98Bn

Ogbaru: N1.9Bn

Onitsha North: N1.59Bn

Onitsha South: N1.64Bn

Orumba North: N1.77Bn

Orumba South: N1.8Bn

Oyi: N1.73Bn.

The question I am asking, do these monies reflect the rate of Developments in Our Various Local Government Areas in 2019. Rather what they are giving to communities in these local Governments are N20 Million Naira,choose your community projects. Please what happened to the remaining.

From the above,you can see why Governor Obiano and APGA Government are jittery with the visit and that is why they have developed all Media Arsenals against Prince Engr Arthur Eze and Our Traditional Rulers just to make sure theat the visit never took place. But they have failed already.

*Attached is the Picture of Governor Obiano with Ghana Must Go money gift from Prince Engr Arthur Eze.*

*More Pictures of His Wife and Some of APGA Politicians who have gone to Prince Engr Arthur Eze’s House for financial support is coming for us to know that Sharing money is never a problem to Prince Engr Arthur Eze.*  We demand and want Governor Obiano to give account of Our Local Government funds in the last 6 years. 

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