Obiano’s 50 Years Development Plan Another Jamboree – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Anambra state has taken another swipe at the APGA-led government of Gov Willie Obiano over the proposed 50 years development plan for the state.

In a statement by the party’s publicity secretary Mr. Nnamdi Nwangwu the party raised concern over the intention and antecedents of the planner.

Nwangwu said, though his party sees nothing wrong in planning, both short and long term, but added “The fact that the bogus committee of 51 persons is headed by Prof Chukwuma Soludo, who is widely believed to be Obiano’s preferred aspirant to emerge as the candidate of APGA in the coming 2021 gubernatorial election in the state, completely gave the intention away.”

The statement reads;

The APGA government of Gov Willie Obiano few days ago inaugurated a committee to put to paper a 50-year development plan for Anambra State.

The PDP, as a party, sees nothing wrong in planning, both short and long term of it. What the party may find worrisome is the intention of the planner and, in this case, the antecedents of the planner.

The fact that the very bogus committee of 51 persons is headed by Prof Chukwuma Soludo, who is widely believed to be Obiano’s preferred aspirant to emerge as the candidate of his APGA in coming 2021 gubernatorial race in the state, completely gave the intention away.

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Also a deeper look at the antecedents of Obiano gives the whole plot away as another form of jamboree and showmanship aimed at hoodwinking the people further.

Speaking to journalists, the state PRO of the party, Hon Nwangwu asked pointedly, “how can a party under a man like Governor Obiano be trusted to be able to provide a long term plan?”

He went further to itemise major concerns as follows…

“1. If the same APGA government valued planning, how come they dismantled all the plans they inherited from preceding APGA government for eight years?

“2. What happened to the UN Habitat plans for Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi painstakingly procured by HE Mr. Peter Obi from the UN Africa headquarters in Kenya, and already being implemented, handed over to Obiano to follow as part of continuing same APGA government?

“3. What of the Anambra State Industrialisation handbook, painstakingly prepared by the preceding APGA government of which, very articulately, mapped out steps to industrialise the six industrial estates in the state?

“4. Can a party whose governor shocked the watching world by admitting he squandered over 156 million dollars saved by his predecessor for vision 2020 and asked why should a state save money, be trusted with preparing any future plan?

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“5. Can a party who dismantled a well-structured ANIDS handed over to them to finish MDGs with and kick-start SDGs will be truly serious with providing any meaningful plan to guide a people like ndi Anambra for 50 years?

“I can go on and ask many more questions but truth be said, Obiano has seen clearly that he failed woefully and started looking for what to campaign with.”

The PRO wondered what will be Obiano’s explanation regarding the Umueri Airport project when he mounts campaign podia in 2021 to attempt to install a successor in 2022.

He wondered what he would tell the people that became of the hugely celebrated Ugu exports that it no longer was a lucrative IGR earner for the state.

He also wondered what he will tell the people of what became of the billions of dollars worth of MOUs in name of foreign investment all over the state.

“How can a ruling party that can only boast of paying salaries and the over hyped security as their achievements in eight years convince us he loves the state to ever think of securing her future for 50 years?

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“How can a government that squandered over N75 billion naira they inherited and already plunged the state into huge debts be truly trust to have interest in our future?

“How can a party that allows her governor take home N1.2 billion every month and wife N250 million every month in name of security votes be trusted to prepare a future for our people?”

“The APGA government knows that they have destroyed all the goodwill they built in the first eight years that guaranteed the second eight years. That goodwill has been destroyed in the second eight years of Willie Obiano.

Obiano has admitted he ran a government without a plan in the last 6years.
How can he be trusted to bequeath a long term plan with an emergency committee to cover his monumental failure.

Whatever the party is doing now is like catching at straws. Ndi Anambra can’t wait to throw them out in 2021,” Nnamdi Nwangwu the state PRO concluded.

Source: Foxchannel

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