Okonjo Iweala Would Have Been President In 2023 If Nigeria Was America

Okonjo Iweala

If Nigeria was the United States, Dr Okonjo Iweala would have been chosen by either the Democrats or Republicans, and she would have been the strongest contestant.

She ticks all of the boxes:

Experience: served severally as a major minister and understands the requirements of leadership

Professional: she has attained verifiable professional achievements at a global scale

Political Support: it is often said that it is the turn of Igbos to lead Nigeria in 2023. She is Igbo, and she can effectively represent the South East’s slot even though some pundits will debate against that

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History: she will become the first woman to lead Nigeria. It will entrench gender equality and hope for Nigerian women

Diplomacy: her leadership will be respected and supported as shown in her recent WTO endorsement.

However, Nigerians are too divided across ethnic and religious lines to even consider her. It is a big loss for Nigeria.

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