Open Letter To S-East Governors Forum By Ndigbo United Forum-Youth Wing

South East Governors Forum;

15 South East Senators;

41 South East House of Representatives Members;

Other Igbo Politicians.

6th June, 2021
Ndigbo United Forum-Youth Wing.

Your Excellency,


1: We salute you, particularly the 5 South Eastern Governors; Messrs. Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State, Willie Obiano of Anambra State, Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State and Hope Uzodimma of Imo State. Your Excellency, Ndigbo United Forum-Youth Wing, acknowledges your individual and collective efforts so far.
2: As we know, the state of affairs in Igbo land – Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States, is in a very dangerous situation. Some parts of Igbo land are literally up in flames. Some parts of Imo State is now a war zone, a situation that calls for serious attention.
3: It has become imperative to publicly call your attention to the gravely precarious situation we found ourselves in Nigeria, particularly in this present time. We have watched the situation deteriorate gravely, yet we have you as our political leaders.
4: Insecurity anywhere in the South East region, is a grave threat to the entire region. With what is currently happening in Imo State, where Igbo Youths are being slaughtered on a daily basis, by both known and unknown armed groups (the internet space is replete with verified evidence of reckless extrajudicial killings in Imo State and other South East States too). The feeble and half hearted RESPONSE we continue to get from our political leaders is very disheartening and unacceptable!
5: The insecurity that is now threatening to overwhelm us, could have been averted had it been that you people – the Governors and other highly placed politicians, were very proactive in defence of Igbo interests, regardless of whose ox would be gored. Nevertheless, it is not yet too late to restore normalcy in our region, should you rise up firmly to call out both the perceived and real injustice against Ndigbo.
6: We want to categorically state that Igbo Youths are not trouble makers or mischief makers; on the contrary, we are the most peaceful and progressive tribe in Nigeria and beyond. All the accusing fingers on Igbo Youths, were all part of the injustice we have mentioned earlier. It is only trees that would not rise to defend itself when attacked; even Christian Monks would not stand akimbo, whilst being attacked.
7: Like the saying goes, no smoke without fire. When the current President said that his Government will be guided by his 97% and 5% votes distribution, Igbo Politicians, particularly the South East Governors Forum didn’t say a word; when South East region was completely excluded from the administration’s Rail Network Plan, we didn’t here a strong protest from you people; when Federal allocation of sensitive positions completely sidelined Ndigbo, we yearned to hear your voices, but nothing came forth other than the consistent lone voice in the Senate; when this administration planned to take a loan for infrastructural development that methodologically excluded the South East, there was no organized and vigorous protest from you; when the killer herdsmen were butchering our people, raping our mothers and sisters, laying siege to our farmlands etc, you usual comments were coming in whispers; when the DSS, Army and other Federal Agencies are allocating the least slots to South East region, we have never heard any strong voice amongst our politicians. The list could continue “ad infinitum.”
8: All the aforementioned factors, naturally resulted to agitation from us, Ndigbo. IPOB eventually championed the agitation. It is also on a verifiable record that IPOB was not violent at the onset, just a group of justifiably angry Igbo Youths, calling for Igbo inclusion in Nigeria, or secession as the last alternative. We expected a tacit support, or at worst, a neutral position, not a quick collusion with the Federal Government of Muhammadu Buhari that had abundantly labelled Ndigbo 5%. Your handling of the issue then, contributed immensely to what we are witnessing now; this is the hard truth!
9: All over the country, insecurity is a problem. It became trickily heightened under this administration, especially when it comes to the issue of herdsmen activities. Consequently, most subnational Governments started thinking home. Benue State quickly passed anti grazing Law, South West launched Amotekun Regional Security Outfit, even against strong Federal opposition. The Western Governors, regardless of the fact that they’re overwhelmingly APC region, chose their people’s over all interest over political correctness or calculations. Amotekun was duly launched in January 2020, against strong intimidations from the Federal Government. They smartly exhausted all legal necessities; a move that indicated utmost political strength and filial love for their masses/subjects. The move, reduced the free reign of herdsmen barbarity in the Western Nigeria, meanwhile, our Governors and other Igbo stakeholders kept dilly dallying whilst the body bags of innocent victims of herdsmen activities, continued to pile up.
10: John Maxwell said that a leader is that person who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. In the midst of all the uncertainties, South East region continued to drift about like a rudderless sea vessel; hence a gaping leadership vacuum that needed to be filled up. The masses wanted a strong voice from our supposed leaders, yet nothing came forth. The only voice we continued to hear, is that of Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe, but unfortunately, his lone voice was not enough to galvanize Igbo inclusion at the Federal Government of Muhammadu Buhari. People continued to die unnecessarily at the hands of alien marauder, our smart graduates continued to suffer shame and rejection on account of unjustified lopsidedness, social amenities and infrastructures, continued to decay etc. The gaping vacuum, necessitated Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to float his campaign.
11: The moment IPOB bought into the minds of the usually stubborn Igbo psyche, which became very easy for him because of the total marginalization Ndigbo, Federal Government became very apprehensive, hence their unnecessarily brutal crackdown on Kanu’s campaign. In civilized climes, the manner and method with which the Fed Govt responded to IPOB peaceful agitation, will amount to clear cases of gross human rights violation. Igbo politicians, particularly the Governors, should have insisted on continuous dialogue, instead you colluded with the Federal Government to brutally crackdown on your subjects. This unwarranted crackdown on Igbo Youths that are protesting the institutionalized and systemic INJUSTICE AGAINST Igbos in Nigeria, gave rise to what we are witnessing today. Federal Government continued to treat Northern insurgents, bandits and killer herdsmen with kids glove, a reality that necessitated the likes of Obasanjo and Gen. Danjuma to cry out, yet you hurriedly sided with the same compromised Federal Government to visit your subjects with unjustified fire and brimstone. In this manner, you fetched the ants infested faggot that is discomforting everyone right now!
12: Very recently again, the same president Muhammadu Buhari that alleged that Ndigbo deserve 5% attention from his Government, threatened to exterminate the entire South East, a very reckless comment that warranted Twitter and Facebook to pull down those comments from their platforms, South East Governors Forum have not uttered a word of condemnation. Also, Sen. Adamu, committee chairman on Foreign Affairs, also repeated the same ungodly lines, we have not heard from you. Your Excellency Sirs, your continuous silence is not only becoming uncharitable to us, it’s also getting nauseating. How can Igbo existence be openly threatened, yet our foremost political leaders would be silent? Publilius Syrus said that anyone can be incharge of the helm when the sea is calm; which also means that when there is storm, not anyone can be incharge. A very violent storm is unfolding in South East region, do we still have the trust that our helmsmen are equal to the task?
13: In conclusion, Ndigbo United Forum-Youth Wing, in collaboration with other notable Igbo Groups, are calling for demonstration of capacity leadership in South East. How you will achieve this, is up to you. But we know that it is not rocket sciences. The undue militarization of South East, with the resultant increase in extrajudicial killings in our land, is clearly not one of the good ways to go. Allowing excessive military presence, with unacceptable military orders to freely engage the masses, is nothing short of delegation of your constitutional places as Chief Security Officers of your States to Fed Govt, even when there’s no martial Law in place. We call on you to take charge. Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, has to rise up to the occasion. He should Wade into the unfolding crisis in Imo State, before it escalates to full chaos and anarchy. Igbo Youths are being killed in Imo State. Evidence to that effect, abounds. Step down from your high horses because we are in a very critical period. Engage with everyone, expand your engagement and dialoguing horizon; reach out to Youth leaders, eschew political correctness and egoistic inclinations. SAVE IGBOLAND; START TALKING, BUILD BRIDGES, BE MORE DIPLOMATIC, LOVE YOUR SUBJECTS. We also acknowledge the limitations foisted on you by the 1999 Constitution, but then again, South West Governors are also operating under the same Constitution. You can certainly do far better…

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Our regards!


Mazi Nnaemeka Akachukwu
(General Ikpongo)
National Youth Leader
Ndigbo United Forum worldwide

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