Open Letter To Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawal

Open Letter To Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawal

Distinguished Sen. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawal,
President of the senate,
Senate Chambers,
National Assembly Complex,
Three Arms Zone,
Dear Distinguished Senate President,


His eminence sir, with utmost respect to your noble office as the leader of the senate and also the leader of our beloved great National Assembly, we express our greetings to you in the name of the almighty God.

Mr. President, your noble office has proven effective and gone a long way to heal Nigeria from the syndromes of corruption, in which the Economic and Financial Crimes commission (EFCC) under the leadership of Mr. Ibrahim Mustapha Magu has played an instrumental role.

His eminence sir, in compliance with the Federal Character Commission[FCC] mandated by paragraph 8(1) (a) and (b) of section C, part 1, third schedule in the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria to: “work out an equitable formula, subject to the approval of the National Assembly, for distribution of all cadres of posts in the public service of the federation and of the states, the Armed forces of the federation, the Nigerian police force and other government security agencies, government owned companies/parastatals of the states” and to “promote, monitor and enforce compliance with the principle of proportional sharing of all bureaucratic, economic, media and political posts at all level of government”.

We humbly write to the National Assembly on behalf of the 2017 Detectives assistant applicants to kindly take insight of the above subject.

As Nigerians seeking opportunities to take part in the fight against corruption, we applied for the recruitment scheme, and shortly thereafter received invitation for documentation, written examinations, oral interviews, physical screening and finally medical screening. Upon completing the above, in compliance with the Federal Character Commission[FCC] mandated in section 4(1)(g)(i) (5)(1)establishment Act cap F7 laws of the federation of Nigeria 2004, to: “drawing as much as possible, in equal number, from each state of the federation and approximately a third of that number from FCT, indicating also, the local government area of origin where an aptitude test or any other type of written or oral tests required as part of the selection process, the compilation of results shall be on state by state basis, in other to enable the best candidates from each states and the FCT to be employed”.

Ever completed the above criteria in compliance with the Federal character Commission, we awaited to receive lists of successful candidates since 2018, which rendered us clueless on what is going on in the commission over the pending recruitment of the Detectives assistant cadre.

However, we learnt that the commission passed out an internal memo to start another phase of recruitment into the commission, but with all efforts to clear our doubts on the pending recruitment, we join the live meeting held on zoom application with the former chairman Mr. Ibrahim Mustapha Magu on 23rd May, 2020.

In his response he gave to us when the meeting was opened for questions. He told us to visit each respective zones of the commission to find out more details of the recruitment. With this response, we were left unrest so as to know our fate.

We shall be grateful if this letter of ours is favourablly considered and good remarks is made to.

His eminence sir, we pray for good health and wisdom to steer the ship of our great Nation to greater height.

Long live Distinguished Sen. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawal

Long live the National Assembly.

Yours faithfully,

2017 Detective Assistant Cadre Applicants

Open Letter To Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawal
Open Letter To Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawal
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