Opinion: A Difficult Time To Be A Christian By Fr Kelvin Ugwu


This is a very difficult time to be a Christian. More so, this is a very difficult time to be a pastor. More than ever, this is a more difficult time to be a Catholic and worst still to be a Catholic priest.

I say this with all my,

If your Christian faith is just on the level of dress well to church on Sundays, admire the words the preacher uses and get entertained by the choir,

If all you have experienced in your Christian faith is how well dressed or ‘powerful’ your pastor is, how magnificent the church or auditorium (as it is now called) is, how you pride yourself with popular sticker words like “Proud to be a Catholic”, “Proud Dunamite”, “I am a winner”, “I am a Redeemer” etc, with all due respect, in this difficult time, your Christian faith won’t last long before it dies.

Do you know why???

We deceive ourselves that we are followers of Christ, but in real sense, we are followers of pastors or priests and followers of Church.

It is wrong to be called a CHRIST-ian which means “a follower of Christ”, when in real sense you are a ‘PASTOR-ian’ which means “a follower of pastor” or a ‘PRIEST-ian’ which means “a follower of priest.”

Very few Christians have got one on one experience with Christ himself. Very few Christians talk and act the way Christ would. Our experiences and what we do are often about our pastors or priests, or about our church or auditorium.

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This is why, in this difficult time. . .

A pastor can ask you to drink Jik, or drink a complete bottle of Goya oil called “anointing oil” for pregnancy, or pay some amount of money as “seed” for money multiplication, or condemn you to hell for not paying tithe, and you will not even imagine questioning it.

This is why in this difficult time. . .

Try to correct or even talk about a particular pastor whom we all know is misinterpreting the Bible and enriching his bank account or about a particular church whom we all know has teachings contrary to what Christ will stand for, then watch and see how members of that pastor or church will throw simple manners away, not to talk of Christians virtues, and wash you with insults and threats of death and damnation. What Christ, the one we are supposed to be following will never dare to do.

This is why, still in this difficult time. . .

People travel from Abuja to Enugu almost on a weekly basis to bless Holy Water and receive Holy Communion when their is a priest right there close to their house. What are they looking for? Christ???
I doubt. . . For if they are truly looking for Christ, they would have known that Christ is even living inside of them and your water is not more blessed because it was Fr ZPQ that blessed it and not Fr MPZ .

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This is why in this difficult time. . .

People will travel from Malawi, South Africa, Ghana etc to Nigeria so as to enter the ‘Synagogue’. What are they looking for? Christ???
I doubt, for if it is Christ they are looking for and must come to Nigeria to find him, they won’t be specific that he will be inhabiting only in one place and only in one man.

This is why in this difficult time. . .

Some so called special Fridays, People will close roads in the ever busy Lagos just to catch a glimpse of the man of timber and caliber, God’s General as they call him, and the Daddy.

Who do you think they are looking for? Christ???
I doubt, for if they are truly looking for Christ, they would have Known that everyday is a special day and they sincerely do not need to frustrate road users every time just to prove a point that they follow Christ.

Why do you come to a Christian who is on his or her way to church to persuade him or her to come to your own church???

Simple, because you feel your pastor is more Jesus and Jesus is more abundant than the Jesus the person is going to meet in his or her church. This is why our streets are filled with churches, and they do not see anything wrong disturbing the peace of residents with loud speakers because every pastor or church is simply trying to outdo the other in being “powerful” so as to be admitted to the rank of “God’s General.”

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Why do some preachers take pride in posting testimonies both on hand bills, television adverts, even to the extent of drawing crutches, wheel chairs etc on the bill boards of Churches, even when Christ after healing will often ask the people to keep it to themselves?

Simple! They do not know that they are giving the impression that the God who gave us reasoning and knowledge to discover medicines was mistaken. As though churches must fight hospitals for their right of being the one to receive patients. After all, our pastor is a doctor. He heals with the breeze he blows into the microphone.

I am a priest and I tell people, do not idolize me. Idolize Christ instead… Follow him. Me too, just like you, I am running my race to heaven. I fall too just as you fall. Yes, I stand as one who talk to you about God, so my own temptations will be more… If you must idolize me, let it be that you cannot sleep any day without praying for me.

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