Opinion: Where Is The Vice President Of Nigeria?

This isn’t a joke nor a distraction. I felt it is strange for a vice president of an hetarogenous, diversified and large country like ours won’t have a solid statement since the beginning of this year and I think it’s of expedient for us to ask questions about his office.
We learnt last year that, he’s been stripped off of some of his constitutional responsibilities and he’s been limited to some areas of special duties, perhaps, the reason for his unpopularity.

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However, for us communicators, we knew the media has the power to shift attention from a particular person/group to another, making the former irrelevant in every capacity.

My concern & question is; I Don’t know what Mr VP is planning to do again. I think his time & movement in ASO Villa is being monitored carefully by some powerful godfathers/forces.

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  1. I wonder if the writer has sense of what he’s saying because he said he was expecting VP to say something and if I may ask,what exactly do you want him to say

  2. Wait I don’t understand, is it the same VP that has being busy doing his duties. Better check his official page if you don’t know what else to say

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