OPPF Adopts ADC Says Confidence Lost In APC And PDP

OPPF Adopts ADC Says Confidence Lost In APC And PDP

A call on all sons and daughters of Odudua (The Yoruba Race) to denounce APC that has now turned to a divided Political cult group. Its on record that PDP also failed to restructure Nigeria for 16 Years in Power. We therefore, pass a vote of no confidence on APC and PDP as we now adopt ADC.

We the Progressive Democrats and politically conscious members of the above esteemed body here by wish to officially call on all sons and daughters of odudu to denounce APC which has turned from a Political Party to a divided political cult group. We have the CPC bloodline of APC led by the Aso Rock Cabal and we have the AD/ACN bloodline of APC led by Sen. Ahmed Bola Tinubu. A house that is divided against itself can not stand. That’s why APC failed and lost Edo State. Consequences of cold war in APC. It’s outrageously unfortunate that Sen. Ahmed Bola Tinubu whom founded and funded APC along with few others with Buhari to win and defeat incumbent PDP led Federal Government in 2015 is now a subject of mockery, ridicule, betrayals and gang up within APC that he natured and built with President, Mohammed Buhari. We have seen the “thank you” they gave to him with the case of James Falake in Kogi State Governorship that ushered in the first term of Gov. Yahaya Bello. We have seen the “thank you” they gave to him in Ondo State that brought Akeredolu in as Ondo State Governor. We have seen the “thank you” CPC bloodline members of APC in collaboration with Godwin Obaseki gave to him in Edo State. The message should be clear to Tinubu now that he has been used to get Buhari elected and dumped after that twice! The message should be clear to Tinubu that he has been betrayed deeply by back stabbers actors of APC. He wouldn’t have made the broadcast he made to Edo State People defending due process and rule of law and rights of elected house of Assembly members of Edo State, if he knew too well that the gang up against him within the APC was outrageously massive as finally noticed. Today, they are asking Tinubu to show them where the title of “NATIONAL LEADER OF APC” that he calls himself is in the constitution of APC? Why did they not ask him that question in 2014? Its very bad and deeply unfortunate. We ask Tinubu to bear the pain of the betrayals and back stabbing of APC and honestly advise him to forget any ambition or intention to contest for Presidential election in 2023, if he had any just to avoid well calculated plans by back stabbers to disgrace, disappoint and humiliate him in 2023. Sen. Ahmed Bola Tinubu should become a king maker and a respected elder statesman. Disappoint them the way Dr.Goodluck Jonathan,GCFR. disappointed those that felt he would hold on to Power. Sen. Ahmed Bola Tinubu should join the call and fight for Power to rotate from North to South East. We the People of Odudua should support the call for Igbo Presidency in the interest of “One Nigeria and National Unity.” The North must NOT retain Power Post 2023. Obasanjo has done 8Years for SouthWest and President Buhari is currently heading towards 8 Years for the North. What about South East? This is the time to show the South East that we People of Odudua( The Yoruba Race) are NOT BETRAYALS. We must not act like the back stabbers of APC. Justice and fairness to all People of Nigeria is what we should all preach, support and genuinely practice. The debate of where Power should shift to from North to South MUST not bring division between the Southwest and Southeast in a way that the North will take advantage and hold onto or retain power by any means whatsoever beyond 2023. We call on Sen. Ahmed Bola Tinubu to dump APC and join us as we move in to ADC. PDP failed to restructure Nigeria for 16 Years in Power. Therefore, PDP is not an option. We are calling on all sons and daughters of Odudua to join ADC as the best alternative party we can use to restructure and save Nigeria. Above all and in conclusion, the Northern Political actors should forget about retaining Power beyond 2023 and also be informed that South West and Southeast are NOT fighting over where Power should shit to from North. It’s clear that Southeast deserves to Produce Presidency in 2023 and we support that idea that promotes equity, fairness and National Unity.

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Bolaji Akindele
Spokesman (OPPF)

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