Outrage!!! VP Yemi Osinbajo Disappears, 2.1 Million Followers Missing

The official Twitter page of Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, appeared to have disappeared, with its over two million followers, on Friday.Osinbajo has used his “@ProfOsinbajo” screen name on the micro-blogging platform to publicise his activities, since he was named as the running mate to then-Presidential Candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, in late 2014.
He carried on with the handle following his successful campaign with Buhari, in the March 2015, Presidential election, using it to propagate his administration’s policies and critical milestones in his marriage to Dolapo.
The account has amassed at least 2.1 million followers, as at earlier this week, which made its disappearance easily noticeable among a multitude of other newsmakers on Twitter.
As at Saturday morning, “@ProfOsinbajo” could no longer be reached on Twitter. Its history of 2,399 tweets and 488 likes had also become inaccessible on Twitter.
An archive of the handle showed the last activity (a retweet) on it was on August 3.
Osinbajo last tweeted himself, on July 28, when he condoled with the families of slain Journalist, Precious Owolabi, following a visit to his family.
It is not immediately clear when the account stopped loading, but there were indications that it was around midnight, on Friday.

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The earliest observation about the account’s disappearance appeared to have come at 9:28am, on Friday.

Whether Twitter suspended or deleted the account, or Osinbajo took it offline by himself, remained unclear as at Saturday morning.

In the meantime, its disappearance has been gradually filtering through the Nigerian social media space, amidst speculations over what may be the cause.

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