Over 120 Palestine Citizens Reported Dead As Israel President Says Its Not Over

The president of the republic of Israel, Honorable Benjamin Netanyahu has opened up about the ongoing war between Palestine and his country days after a couple of politicians from different countries called for a seize fire move.

According to the reports given by the president of Israel, he revealed that they were not going to back down until the president of the republic of Palestine decides to give up and surrender their city.

In his own caption which he uploaded on his own Twitter account, he claimed that they were not the bad guys adding that he had decided to take over this threat after a couple of Israeli soldiers along with citizens were killed by several Palestine soldiers.

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Due to this reason, he said that the government of the republic of Israel was ready to fight for its people even if it meant Loosing all its soldiers in the war where he made it clear that they were not going to surrender whatever come may.

He said this despite the fact that the government of the republic of Palestine revealed that about 120 people had reportedly died in the war that just begun several days ago.

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According to the reports given by different Palestine social media accounts to express, they revealed that the highest number of this dead victims were women and children who were caught in the ongoing war between the two countries.

His remarks has however sparked alot of reactions from people from all over the world who seemed to have different opinions and suggestions on the matter and with a section of them praising him, others went ahead and called upon the United Nation to look into this before things get out of hand.

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