PDP PRIMARY: Doctor Godwin Maduka Is Everywhere For Good Reasons

By: Ibe Shadrach

Like a breath of fresh air, amazing and inspiring stories about Doctor Godwin Maduka are everywhere in Anambra State and most prominent among the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) statutory delegates for the party primary election happening in a week.

Okosisi of Orumba has been hailed widely as the personification of transformational infrastructural development and a tested and trusted leader. A multitude of others said he is all Ndi-Anambra wants in a Governor and a man of the people whose time has come. Yet many others are standing with him for being a visionary and charismatic leader whose world-class educational background, connections, and exposures are unmatched by his fellow aspirants.

And coming with a never-seen-before manifesto in Anambra politics that addresses the current poor healthcare delivery and infrastructure deficits (modern road networks, housing, BRT transportation, railway, water, and air transport for robust tourism development) for holistic development of the state to beat Lagos, Rivers and Ebonyi states, etc.

Maduka has also pledged to give Anambra youths education, but it’s not just any kind of education. He is bringing education-for-living (education for the people of today, not the prevalent outdated learning that contributes nothing to the development of self and society).

And following the prescription of goal number 10 of the Millennium Develop Goals (Agenda 2030), he wants to run an all-inclusive government that accords priority to women and youths, seeing many of them afflicted by extreme poverty. He plans to eradicate the scourge, partly through mass job creation and tangible and life-changing economic empowerments, vocational skill acquisition programmes, and provision of needed seed capitals for start-ups.

Also in that direction is the establishment of functional trade and ICT hubs across the state, based on comparative and competitive advantages in all the 21 local government areas. This expected economic boom will be enabled by an adequate power supply.

Maduka’s government will pursue and attract massive foreign direct investments (FDI) into the state and lessen the tax burden on the citizens to encourage savings and investments by Ndi-Anambra to improve the pool of employment opportunities for the youths for a better life.

These are just a few of what stands out Dr Maduka from other aspirants and what the PDP delegates are queuing behind him for come next Saturday to achieve.

Maduka’s 4 years in Agu Awka will not just be a story of phenomenal accomplishments to be told but that to behold by people from near and far. Conversely, if the 4 years are left in the hands of unqualified, untested and emergency leaders, the state will not only regret but would have regressed more than it presently is.

It is said that the majesty and strength of a king rest squarely on the size of the crowd behind him. Maduka cannot govern or bring his superlative dreams for Anambra State to fruition all alone. On his word of honour, character, and integrity, he appeals with open hands and heart to all the statutory delegates to rise and stand as one behind him for what is right; not just for themselves and their families alone; but what is right for the Ndi-Anambra.

Doctor Godwin Maduka is what is right for Anambra now. His life of sterling achievements and love for humanity over the decades and leadership philosophy is proof that he is ripe for leadership to birth a new Anambra State.

RightChoice #RightTime #Godwins

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