People Of Nigeria Be Ready To Have Conversations With Britain

By: Chidozie John

We can bargain with Britain, they already blinked first by offering ipob and massob asylum, they know Nigeria is going to break, remember once it gets to an asylum stage it means Britain would start talking to some real opposition leader from the biafran side, just like the British is doing in Hong Kong now, they granted those fighting for freedom asylum.

Britain can see the hand writing on the wall, just watch what is going to happen, a country like Britain can not make a mistake of issuing the asylum statement it means the highest rank and file in the British government is aware and they know what is going on eg the Queen, she have already seen the handwriting

As someone said the Nigerian situation is like the human liver.

We must be willing to give to be free, the biafran people must embark on a serious diplomatic pressure on the brtish government and the british people and trust me the pressure would work, this is 2021 it can be done

The British can not help us if we are refusing to bargain and drop something, because of oil the world turned a blind eye and Azerbaijan and Turkey bombed a tiny Christian county to pieces, Azerbaijan gave the world oil, trump turned a blind eye, we must be willing to pay the price to be free.

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Imagine what the Nigerian government must have promised the British government to make them withdraw the statement? Tell me what did they promise the British government.

As much as we Nigerians in Nigeria want to pretend that Nigeria would live on the people that created Nigeria have already seen it and they are trying to withdraw so they won’t be judged the second time by history.

The british government can never again support Nigeria government in any act of agression against the people of the south east, it can not happen again.

Which tribe will support the fulani to destroy the south east again? Yoruba? Middle belt people? Edos? Niger deltans? It can never happen ever again the fulani man have been discovered he can not hide behind one nigeria and the North to play them anymore.

Only nnamdi kanu truly understands the fulani, they are clever and cunning, take some time to think.. I never knew fulanis all my life, all I knew were Hausa people, they changed it to Hausa-fulani to confused people, but now people had to go dig up the fulani history I bet if Google can release their fulani search data we would all see it. Fulanis are not Hausa people,they are 2 different tribes and people.

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Remember the Hausa were not really into Islam they had their own traditions and culture until usman danfodio accused them of practicing fake form of Islam and he declared jihad and took over till today.

The fulani at last have been encircled thanks to the bigot in chief buhari, God brought back buhari to open the eyes of Nigerians, remember buhari was a soldier during the civil war, his hate for igbos did not begin today.

Remember when abacha died? Nigerians danced in the streets of lagos I still remember, same way we would dance when we see freedom.

We can give the North 5% of the money that comes from oil sales, they must be given something you think those fulanis would allow you go just like that, do you want their people to all die? How will they feed their people oh you didn’t know the Niger delta oil pays for everything in the North. Lol. We must be willing to give them some oil money as well and strike a good deal with the British and promise them biafra would never turn east to Russia

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Even the fulani greatest ally in the south the yorubas have discovered the truth and the yorubas done want them anymore, you see the problem of the fulani man is that he does not want to spend his money, but he wants to take because he feel nigeria belongs to him, how do you leave the sahel and come to a forest in anambra to stay in the forest without even buying land is that not trespassing and is that not illegal, I say yorubas are fulanis greatest ally in the south west because they share religion, we all know we have lots of yorubas Muslims more than any other tribe in the south of Nigeria

This is why the igbo man would be the best business and trade partner to the yoruba nation because we understand each other, you can never see a yoruba man and igbo man fight, never because we respect each other, the igbo man have alot to offer to the world, what does the fulani have to offer and don’t tell me agriculture, we have fertile lands in the south as we can produce, the fulani eat our crops with their cows

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