Photo Of A Man In A Wheelchair Holding Onto A Moving Truck


A video of a man in a wheelchair holding onto a moving truck has shocked online viewers who saw it shortly after it was posted on Twitter.

The short video that has since gone viral on the platform captures the man sitting on a wheelchair with his right hand holding on to the back bumper of a blue truck.

The truck is moving at a moderate speed on a highway while the guy enjoys the ride as he wheels along with the truck which is on the third lane of the road acting as the wheelchair puller.

A red vehicle passes him on his left and moments later he is seen looking behind him to see if it is safe for him to cross to the other side of the road.He finally lets go of the truck and keeps moving on the outer lane of the highway.

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As expected, the online community expressed a mixture of anger and shock at the man’s reckless behaviour.

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