Photos: Ifeanyi Uba Takes Sanwo-Olu On Campaign Tour In Lagos


It was panic of losing Lagos that made APC and presidency hurriedly engaging Ifeanyi Uba to rescue Sanwolu from being defeated by PDP. It is believed that over 5 million Igbo voters in Lagos have swung in favor of PDP candidate in the 2019 gubernatorial election in Lagos.

APC is not leaving anything to chance as they believe that Igbo votes will make a lot of difference in this election. Ifeanyi Uba was spotted with the APC gubernatorial candidate since yesterday up until this afternoon, moving from different locations where they were seen pleading with Igbos to vote Sanwolu as their interest will be protected if he wins.

Whether or not Igbos in Lagos will accept their bait is still unknown. Presidency had earlier in the week spoken directly to the Capital Oil boss on phone twice, imploring him to try his possible best to swing Igbo votes in favor of Sanwolu.

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Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria and any serious political party will like to covert it it to itself.

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