Photos:Gambian Man Shows Off The Hippopotamus He Killed In His Village


A Gambian man named Mohammed Sumareh shows off the large hippopotamus he and his friends have just killed in their village, he took the photo of these to his Facebook page where he showed the initial photo of the Hippo and how they prepared the meat for consumption.

he captioned it

“Chef�‍� M. F. Sumareh is cooking� and eating� the meat� of the controversial wild� hippopotamus that was killed in my village, Kulari, URR, Gambia�� few days ago:

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The meat� was so tasty that the people�‍�‍� who ate� it were very thankful and rated me as one of the best Chefs�‍� of the 21st century � and the hunter as one of the best hunters of the 21st century � (no�hunter could kill a wild � hippopotamus in Kulari but him for half a century �). This is dedicated to all Kulari people�‍�‍�, family� and friends back � home� and diaspora.The hippopotamus � meat� party� continues. # Human�Right✔️before Animal�Right✔️”

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