Please Don’t Blame Pastors For Not Performing Healing Now — Cleric

Rev. Rufus Ositelu, Primate of the Church of the Lord (Aladura) Worldwide, has reacted to criticisms against Pastors over their failure to heal COVID-19 patients.

He said Pastors can only pray and that “Jesus Christ is the divine healer”.

Ositelu spoke on Tuesday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

“It is wrong to ascribe the power of miracles and healing to pastors and as such blame them for not performing healing at this time,” he said.

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Ositelu observed that pastors who claimed to have “powers to heal” diseases have been at the receiving end of jokes by Nigerians.

“Many have dismissed ‘Men of God’ as mere charlatans, questioning why they had not shown up at hospitals and quarantine centres where coronavirus patients are being treated to heal them,” he said.

Ositelu added that clerics were mortals and instruments who had no power of their own but rely on God.

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He, however, advised Nigerians to be wary of fraudsters and charlatans trying to capitalize on the global pandemic to perpetrate fraud.

Ositelu urged Nigerians to eradicate fear, remain calm and respect government directives as the world awaits a breakthrough in the search for COVID-19 cure.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says there are currently 9,600 confirmed cases in the continent with 466 deaths.

Nigeria has recorded 238 cases with 5 deaths since the index case was announced on February 28.

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