Please Help! SARS Arrested My Husband And They Have Not Reached Us

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My fellow Akelicious media readers please help because am in sorrow right now.
I was at home when I received a call yesterday morning from my husband sales rep that SARS just handcuffed him out of the shop, she was on her way back from getting food for him when the incidence happened, according to her the neighbors tried asking for the station they are headed to and his crime but they refused to say anything.
immediately I received the call from her I tried calling him, he picked and told me that he was arrested because a customer who brought a phone for repair 2 weeks ago for flashing was arrested for stealing the phone, and this phone has been returned back to the customer. that was the only information I got from him and according to him they were still on transit after I called again to verify his location.
My problem now is since then they have switched off his phone without any way of the family contacting him, he was arrested in the morning till now we have not heard from him or receive any call from any police station, pls what can we do because I’m scared with all the SARS news flying around now.

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