Police Attack: Why South Africa Should Apologize to Biafra


South African police opened fire at unarmed Biafrans protesting against the visiting body-double of Muhammadu Buhari, Jubril Al-Sudani, who has been impersonating the late Nigerian president since 2017.

It beats imagination why South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, would unleash the police on civilians exercising their constitutional rights.  No doubt the impostor who arrived in the country for a motive other than the publicized one influenced the barbarity.

It should be recalled that the late South African freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela, took refuge in Biafra land when he was being hunted by the then apartheid regime. The University of Nigeria Nsukka, situated in Biafra, spearheaded the drive for funds for South African struggle in the whole of West Africa. Even the deal Ramaphosa was to sign with the impostor is all on the oil in Biafra land.

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Taking into cognizance therefore what South Africa has gained from Biafra, one is forced to ask, “Did South African leadership ask questions before embarking on the careless action of October 3rd?

Obviously, President Ramaphosa didn’t ask questions before unleashing his police on Biafran protesters. Biafrans demand a public apology from the president over the thoughtless and beastly actions of the police, otherwise, South Africa will have to face the consequences.

BY Charles Opanwa

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