Politics Of Hate, Bitterness and Unguarded Thoughts: Sen. Anayo Okorocha’s Example

Literally, Hate can be defined as “feeling of intense dislike for” and can also be said to be “feelings of hate and revenge” Drawing our analogy from the above definition and juxtaposing it with the festival of shame as demonstrated today by Imo state Former Governor, Anayo Rochas Okorocha on a national television where he posited some things that can only exist in the figments of his imagination.

In one of the Questions where the Presenter sought to know about his relationship with the sitting Governor, Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodimma; Owelle in his usual Loquacious mood whenever he is before a microphone said that “The Governor hates him so much”, a statement that is quite undeserving of one once occupied the number one office in the state.

He didn’t stop at that, he went on like a motormouth to say that He has beaten the records of legendary Dee Sam Mbakwe, Sacrilege..One will say.

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The Imo state Governor is very busy working for the good people of the state and has no time in hating anyone irrespective of your class or status in the society.

My Take

If what he referred to as Hate is the recovering of our common patrimony he and his cohorts coveted and converted to personal properties, then Imolites will love to hate him the more…

If what he understands as hate is the Construction of quality and standard projects that will last the true test of time, One his administration failed to do, then Ndi Imo are in support of his Excellency on that…

If delivering of Democracy dividends to the people of the state unlike his administration, then he should be ready for more hates because this administration came prepared to change the narratives.

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Furthermore, how can someone who out of Hate for his own state, Turned His administration into a family affair where the sons in-law was the Chief of staff, commissioner for lands, commissioner for agriculture, Minister of state, the wife was the defacto commissioner of Finance and His Sister appointed a commissioner for a non existing ministry.

His consciousness didn’t remind him that out of his hatred and sheer ingratitude, He Dislodged, disgraced and humiliated all the people that helped him to occupy the PENTAGON .

He had more number of Deputy Governors than all the past Governors in the state put together, because Hate is his religion.

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Finally, There’s a popular legal Maxim that states “Before going to equity, go with a clean heart”. Okorocha is one who talks from both sides of his mouth and will always say a thing and mean exactly the opposite, He was busy talking how he was hated by a Man who sees him as his Senator and one who supposed to be in partner in the development of the state, a man who once told him to always be on the path of goodwill and join him in developing the state.

Okorocha no one hates you as a person but your antecedents is what is hunting you thus your feeling of HATES

Walter Ononuju Nnadi
He writes from the Creeks of The Niger Delta.

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