Pray for your parents, whether dead or alive

Muslims have been urges to always endeavour to pray their parents either dead or alive. Imam Ridwan Jamiu of Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU) made this call during a Ramadan Tafsir Webinar, saying parents deserves our prayers because they have sacrificed enough for their children to grow and become an important personality in life.

Besides, he stressed the need for the faithful to always be on ground to support and help their parents when they are alive rather than killing cows and throw party when they are dead.

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He said: “Pray for your parents and help them when they are alive. We should also remember our dead ones in our prayers. Children of the deceased are indebted to them by prayer. Your prayer is very great in the sight of Allah than the one your rented alfa or anyone did for them.

“Pay their debts, if their is any. You don’t need to rent alfa or gather people to pray for them. You can recite Quran and ask Allah to bless them whether they are alive or dead,” he said, quoting from Chapter 17 verse 24.

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He continued: “You can donate important facilities to hospitals, schools, less privileged homes or perform hajj for your parents after you have performed your own. Then you ask Allah to bless them.”

He urged Muslims to desist from commercialising prayer arrangements, rather pray themselves and Allah would accept the prayer. Citing the case of Prophet Ibrahim, he said you can pray for your deceased relative and the prayer would be accepted by Allah.

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