President Buhari Again Shows His Disdain For Igbos On Arise TV

Tyrant and ethnic bigot Buhari showed his hate and disdain for the Igbos again by brushing of a question asked about the ongoing agitation in the South East and the lack of Igbos in top positions in the army and federal political office.

1. On the issue of South East agitation, he missed the opportunity to reach out to the Igbos and bring a lasting peace to the region. Instead of appealing for calm and speaking to the youth as his children, he said (paraphrased) ” I am happy that the South South elders have vowed that the South East will not have access to the Sea”. In order words, they will be starved again as happened in the Biafran war. This man is evil, I mean evil.

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2. He also said that the reason why Igbos are not in high positions is because they are not qualified ( by inference), because people have to earn their positions which is funny considering the intellectual bankrupt quota products currently occulting positions of high office.

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