President Buhari Should Lockdown These 4 States before Christmas

Prevention they say is better than cure. Fellow Nigerians, whether we like it or not, it’s safe to say the second wave of the COVID’19 pandemic is here already. I know we don’t like to hear it, however, it’s important that we tell each other the bitter truth and shame the devil.

The numbers are becoming scary once more and it seems the second wave might hit Nigeria harder than even the first wave. It’s quite easy to point out where are problems are emanating from. People have stopped wearing facemasks, commercial activities, schools and other point of contact have all resumed to the fullest creating an avenue for the Coronavirus to spread once more.

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Judging by the recent numbers; Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, and Plateau seems like the epicenter of the newest confirmed cases. Two days ago, a total of 920 cases were confirmed with the above named states taking a bulk of the percentage as announced by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

Yesterday’s statistics has also shown nothing else than to point to the fact that those four states are at high risk. The Governors of both Plateau and Lagos States are already in quarantine. Looking at the fact that it’s the time of the season when people will start travelling, I believe the country stands at more risk to either allow people move in or out of these states. It’s important to stress the fact that only those who go for test are being recorded which means that there are people carrying the virus but ain’t aware.

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I urge and propose that the Federal Government and President Muhammadu Buhari lockdown these states before Christmas and make sure people don’t move in and out of these states. It’s for the best and safety of the entire citizens.

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