President Buhari to get $120 million from The UK which will be shared among five states

President Muhammadu Buhari returns from The UK after a week global education summit which was organized to help mitigate the depressing education system in Africa and also help to return the number of girls out of school back to school (i.e. to improve girl’s education). The submit was hosted in London in the United Kingdom.

Recall that there were controversies on whether the President must attend the submit physically since it could be held virtual as some other Presidents from various countries did because of the ongoing insecurity crises going on in his country, Nigeria.

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However, Mr. President said his presence is much more needed there so that he can bring up some other key issues his country is facing to seek help during the international conference.

Subsequently, here is the result of the meeting, The President of Nigeria will get 120 million dollars which is expected of him to plop into the education system of the country.

During an interview with his spokesman, Femi Adeshina, he revealed that the President will get $120m from The UK government. The President will however share the money among five states, Oyo, Adamawa, and three other states with unbalanced educational systems.

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