President Buhari’s 6 Years In Office, A Shade Of Catastrophe

By: Hon Kennedy Chigozie

Nigeria is a dynamic country that needs a dynamic President who can rise to face Leadership challenges, positively influence the present nature of public discourse and champion a corruption free political culture with a sole aim of building an egalitarian society. In view of this, the majority of Nigerians in 2015 exercised their franchise after being seduced with numerous promises made by President Buhari led APC campaign team.
In 2014 prior to the 2015 general election, Nigerians believed that returning General Buhari to Aso Rock will at least set a new political direction towards true federalism going by the change mantra with which the current ruling party confused majority of Nigerians including the elites who never saw the weaknesses/inefficiencies of today’s President Muhammadu Buhari. Infact, in President Mohammadu Buhari the Political elites failed Nigerians.
Since May 29 2015 that President Buhari took office, it has been from one level of under-performance to another glaringly indicating how unprepared the President was in facing leadership and governance at that level. First it took the President almost a year to appoint his operational ministers, and eventually after the shallow appointments fear set in as there was no signal of serious change from status quo. Nigerians has lived with various excuses from Mr President who almost in every instance expresses how unaware he is with respect to the happenings across the country. The President who publicly proclaimed that he is for everybody now cannot address Nigerians when the need arises thus leaving the citizens at the mercies of Garba Shehu and others.
No doubt 29 May 2021 made it 6 years since President Muhammadu Buhari took office with an assurance to change the scheme of things in the country through trailer loads of promises to safeguard the lives of Nigerians from rampaging Boko Haram assaults, Banditry, fight crippling corruption and improve livelihoods in our country being Africa’s most populous nation. On a humorous note, I remember making one naira to one dollar as one of the campaign promises of the ruling party, but today the current trend of Nigeria’s economic woes are audible to the deaf and visible to the blind.
After taking a good time to read what Mr President called his 6 years report, I was full of tears as per how disconnected this government has been from Nigerian populace. There was no clear evidence showing that the President has achieved little success in especially the key areas of Security of life and properties going by the rising cases of attacks on innocent Nigerians; no clear evidence that corruption has been wiped from the system going by the various loans being collected by this government and no evidence to show that Nigeria’s economy is on green status of both growth and development going by the highest unemployment and debt rate in the Nigeria today. 1 dollar is now officially 412 naira and yet the President finds it right to send out a report.
President Buhari from my own perspective has failed to make progress in security, fight against corruption and stabilizing the nation’s dwindling economy. He has failed to institutionalize the principles of Federal Character in a nation with diverse cultural and ethnic delineations, instead the President has constantly turned a blind eye to corruption and underperformance by his own government. More pathetic is that after 6 years, it is nearly impossible to determine any meaningful governance strategy or notable set of achievements. Consequently, President Buhari administration will largely be remembered for its unrealized potential and almost imperious approach to governance. Under President Buhari the secessionist tendencies and Nigeria’s disintegration caused by his imperial approach to governance thickens like a cloud announcing a heavy rain.

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Hon Kennedy Chigozie

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