Production Line: Basic Quality Assurance Techniques

Every quality assurance program has to have certain kinds of techniques that are basic and easy to follow. This is because quality assurance is often a specialism that takes time to fully embed into a business. Not to mention, your employees will require time to get used to them. Understanding what quality assurance is, is half the battle. You may believe that you are creating products that meet every regulation and law, so they’re fine right? Well, maybe you should not set your boundaries by what the regulations say. You should have your own quality standards.

A quality standard

What is a quality standard? It’s probably not that hard to understand what quality is. It consists of a product’s materials, design, longevity and features. It should last long, it should be tough enough for the rough and tumble customers will put it through, etc. However, having your own quality standard dictates how much better your product is, compared to other businesses. This is why some smartphone companies want their products to be IP68 water resistant. They can say to customers how much more watertight their product is compared to others. Then the other companies have to up their game to meet your quality standard, which is great for your brand perception.

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Consistent weight

How do you know you are using the right amount of materials for each product? How do you know you have a consistent design to some degree? You use something like a Platform Scale where you can weigh each product as it rolls off the production line. So if you are making a heavy duty spring such as for cars. You can weigh each suspension spring on a scale, which gives you some idea as to how much material you have used and the proportions of the product. You can see that although you may have enough material, it is not being distributed properly. This requires an eye inspection of course, so you need trained employees to eye and feel the products after they have been weighed.

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Plan and test

You should try to test 1 product out of 20 if you are making hundreds of products a day. These tests are very basic because they are there to meet your quality standards. So if you want your product to be able to work at a certain temperature, test it at those temperatures. Many companies will test their products in freezing and sweltering temperatures. Car manufacturers do this often, in their own production plants. You can also get human beings to test your products too. You could invite customers to come to the production plant and join in on a testing day whereby they test products that have come right off the production line.

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Quality assurance techniques do not have to be complex. They can be easily done if you know what your standards are and how you plan on testing them. Measuring consistency is also vital and weighing products at the end of the line could be helpful.

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