Queen Elizabeth affirms Boris Johnson’s parliamentary ‘coup’

Queen Elizabeth has assented to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to suspend the parliament till October 14, leaving little room for opponents of no-deal Brexit to stonewall the move.

The Queen’s assent was conveyed in a message by the Privy Council Office on Wednesday, confirming that the Queen has approved the proroguing of Parliament

U.K.’s Parliament will be prorogued from no later than Sept. 12 until Oct. 14.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in earlier comments, confirmed previous reports that he would hold the Queen’s Speech — normally a formality that outlines the legislative agenda — on Oct. 14.

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MPs have responded with fury.

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow, who accused Johnson of keeping him in the dark, said suspending the parliament “represents a constitutional outrage.”

Bercow said “it is blindingly obvious” that the purpose of the suspension “would be to stop Parliament debating Brexit and performing its duty in shaping a course for the country.”

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson said Johnson is embarking on a “dangerous and unacceptable course of action.”

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“Shutting down Parliament would be an act of cowardice from Boris Johnson.”

In a letter to lawmakers explaining his decision, Johnson said he “spoke to Her Majesty The Queen to request an end to the current parliamentary session.”

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