Rashidat Bello: In The Hollow Of Humanitatian Gestures Marks Another Year

By: Abubakar Yusuf

In the last five years, the names of Rashidat Bello, First Lady of Kogi State was synonymous to charity, empowerment,skill development, capacity building, sustenance of indigent,less privilege people,and other forms of humanitarian gestures both within and outside the shores of Kogi State.

This attitude of Her Excellency,Kogi Governor’s wife is not a deliberate political ploy to water down some critical aspects of this administration, but an innate tendencies and passion for human advancement.

If not for anything,but for posterity,it is already in the public domain that as part of her numerous gestures,the governor’s wife had took many indigent childrens out of the streets, through his back to school program sustained on a yearly basis in the last five years, where items ranging from school uniforms,school bags,shoes,exercise books,text books among many others are given out to the school pupils.

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Very reliable sources even confirmed that in the course of her program of removing Kogi children from the streets back to school,he placed some of them on her personal care and scholarships, especially the ones identified as gifted and highly vulnerable from poor and poverty ridden homes.

These kind gestures among many others of her life touching programs include her well thought out medical outreach program across the state, distribution of foods and essential items to the less less privilege among cash donations and empowerment.

Fom inception,her tendencies to liberate not only the women folk, but even men for a better society is non translucent,as intermittently she embarked on distribution of foods items,cloths, working tools to improve the conditions of ordinary kogites and those affected by natural phenomenon of natural disasters like floodings among others.

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As a product of testimony from ordinary people in Kogi state,Her Excellency had been a rallying point of kogites in the mobilisation of kogi women for various activities be it political,social and economic activities that assisted greatly Kogi women into sustaining and improving their economic activities.

This is on the premise of her consistent, concerted and concrete arrangements of all her humanitarian activities that run concurrently to the admiration of many kogites.

No doubt,many kogites outside her consent nicknamed her the ‘Shock Absorber’ of the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello within and outside the state.

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This developement justifies the saying that giving back to the society while in public office,is not out of place for well placed Nigerians like Her Excellency, Hajiya Rashidat Bello is the hub of such humanitatian gestures.

As you mark additional year in life, children,middle age,many kogites you have touched their lives one way or the other,are soaked in prayers and supplications particularly in the holy month of Ramadan,not for anything,but longevity for you and your household.

CONGRATULATIONS Your Excellency,Hajiya Rashidat Yahaya Bello,Happy Birthday.

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