RE-Misrepresentation Of Facts Of EEDC Meeting With NUF

We received with utmost shock the deceitful Press Release from EEDC Management attempting to distort narratives and in the process implicating themselves the more. The scenarios as presented by EEDC which is currently trending in social media was baseless, arrogant and a compounded abuse on the collective sensibilities of NDIGBO. We resolved to give them benefits of corporately addressing our 8 points demands but again they chose the option of roaming naked. First, they reneged on their promise to write us today Friday, 10th January, 2020. The failure of EEDC to take advantage of our benevolence to respond was simply because they had nothing to say. On the strength of that, NUF have no option than to address the issues as they stand today, 10th January, 2020 @ 19:00hours.


  • Federal government through Minister for Power and NERC has variously condemned estimated billing. They emphasised that it’s usually biased, unfair, manipulative and impoverishes the consumers.
  • it illegally enriches the field men (ladder men) that engages in disconnections and reconnection;
  • Federal government according to former Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola made available N37bn to enable DISCO produce and distribute meters FREE. They encouraged DISCOS to access the funds so as to deliver quality services to consumers.
  • In October 2019, in view of the negative impact of estimated billings, the FEDERAL HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (representatives of the people) deemed it proper to pass a bill criminalising it;
  • FG through NEC on 6th January, 2020 gave DISCOS one month to distribute FREE meters or they (NERC) will come up with a new billing system called CLAPPING which will not be favourable to DISCOS
  • Our findings revealed that NERC never approved the remigration or discarding the prepaid meters for EEDC new meters or outright estimated billings. If there’s an approval, let them give us a copy.
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  1. Continuation of prepaid metering by EEDC to consumers;
  2. Stop immediate recovery of prepaid meters. If it must be recovered, it must be immediately replaced with new meter there and then and at NO COST to Southeast;
  3. Stop arbitrary disconnections without notifications as contained in NERC rights of customers. Customers rights must be respected through writing of letter by DISCOS for notice of disconnections as contained in NERC document under customer rights;
  4. Supply prepaid meters to NDIGBO within the next one month as announced by NERC;
  5. Checkmate extortions by field officers through indiscriminate illegal disconnections and reconnection.
  6. Attend to all outstanding petitions on account of over billing;
  7. Hold regular consumer Town hall meetings to discuss issues that affects the consumers. That no consumer in Southeast will be compelled to pay N39,000 for single phase meter or N78,000 for double phase meter because its against Federal government directives. EEDC in her Release BOLDLY acknowledged the above fact by compelling consumers to part with that amount at this unfriendly economic climate contrary to Federal Government directives.
  8. Stop immediate imposition of EEDC wishes on the consumers.
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To all these demands, EEDC Team led by a Consultant from another Region vehemently opposed all demands and rather pleaded we support the owner of EEDC, our Igbo brother. (to destroy us).

We laid these facts bare so that NDIGBO, NIGERIA and The WORLD will know how uncharitable, mean, insensitive, colonialistic and possessive EEDC Team was and how they feel Igbos are price and order takers.
The EEDC issue is the first approach towards changing the Igbo narratives once and for all. NUF with the support of all victims of EEDC will not allow this illegality to stand. As a fallout of our fruitless meeting with EEDC, they have decided to occupy their offices with loads of armed Security men at Okpara Avenue, Enugu. EEDC should know that with oneness of mind and pains currently being inflicted on us, NO amount of intimidation or militarization will stop NDIGBO from publicly but peacefully protesting against this exalted inhumanity against us which will halt all activities of EEDC. Those officers stationed there know the truth and their families as well as friends are also victims of this manipulative mendacities.


As earlier stated in our first letter and also on news, no one should grant access to any EEDC official to remove his/her meter. Resist disconnections of your lights at this time. Furthermore, we enjoin ALL well meaning NDIGBO to join forces with NUF to settle this isolated dehumanization once and for all. This is not a fight against President Buhari led government, States and Local Governments but against private business that willfully violated established rules of engagement by the authorities and bullying her agent of survival

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Consequently, NUF has offered to be the clearing house for the planned protest across the Southeastern States at a date to be announced. Of a truth, every consumer in Southeast has one sad story or another to tell about EEDC. No more shall we be victims to a handful of people that cares less about the tears of the pensioners, jobless youths, low income earning parents/guardians, workers in some states that has endured lives without salaries, small businesses, struggling traders, exposed artisans, voiceless citizens among others

Further the above, NBA, Developers,
Students Unions, labour Unions, TUC, Market Associations, Organized labour, NURTW, Churches, Mosques, traditionalists, Landlords, tenants, media etc all (Southeast based) should indicate support for this project by coming individually and as groups to register their willingness and availability at our National Secretariat, No 15A Unije Street, Independence Layout, Enugu between Saturday 11th January, 2020 to Tuesday 14th January, 2020.
between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00 daily. We shall communicate you when our STRATEGIC Meeting will hold via your phone contacts. Moles and Ndi ojoo are advised to steer clear as we have mechanism to dictate imposters and infiltrators. For enquiries, please call:

It is possible, yes we can change our narratives!!!!!


Mazi Agodi KANU
Acting Secretary General, NDIGBO UNITED FORUM (NUF)

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