Re: You Can’t Fool Anambra People, PDP tells Obiano

PDP should give Ndi-Anambra a break -Sir Norbert Obi

My attention was drawn to a shallow statement credited to Mr Nnamdi Nwangwu, the State Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Anambra State with the above caption, where he mischievously attempted without luck to rubbish the launch of Operation Kpochapu II by the State Government. Ordinarily I would have ignored and let the shallow insinuations made by Mr Nwangwu who I believe is only trying so hard to keep his office and party relevant die off. For people like Nwangwu to suddenly find their voice on the launch of Operation Kpochapu 2, a good news Ndi Anambra and a lot of critical stakeholders have applauded is an endorsement that Anambra is truly the safest state in the country. If he could paint good news in such bad light, he would have gone haywire with bad news on security and that he has not done.

It is a general knowledge that the state PDP has no locus standi to discuss issues of security in the State. Under the PDP, a sitting Governor was kidnapped, under the watch of the PDP, thugs set ablaze the Government House they are dreaming to occupy in 2022. Under the PDP, armed robbery, kidnapping and all sorts of social vices were free for all. The State’s slogan “Home For All” was interpreted under the watch of the PDP to mean home for all evil activities.

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Mr Nwangwu claimed Ndi Anambra cannot trust Governor Willie Obiano, ironically making the statement after the Govenor has acquired smart city vehicles and Gadgets for security of lives and properties in the State. Under the watch of the PDP in the state students who trusted the PDP administration were on strike for over a year, the civil servants who trusted the PDP were owed salaries for months. Security was under zero as blood littered the streets across the State, infrastructural development was in paralysis while the common wealth of the people were distributed among few people. Mr Nwangwu should not remind Ndi-Anambra of their horrible and terrifying experience in the hands of the PDP.

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If the State PDP has any lecture to deliver on security,they should do well to send it to our sister states under the watch of the PDP where people are being mamed and killed. If the security policies of the Govenor is not working as stated by Nwangwu why has bank robbery, kidnapping and all forms of social vices that was once seen in the state disappeared.

On roads, the torrential rainfall witnessed across the country wrecked havoc on roads and State Governors including Governor Obiano has declared a state of emergency on roads across the State. The Governor has acquired modern road maintenance equipments and has continued to mobilize the State’s road maintenance agency to ensure all roads are fixed before Christmas.

The recent shallow statement by the State PDP has shown once again that the party has nothing new to offer Ndi Anambra and the people know better who to trust. We’ll enjoin Nwangwu and co to go back to their coven and continue to enjoy good governance by APGA because the people have rejected them both in the State and at the Federal level. The Launch of Operation Kpochapu 2 really sent shocking waves to the spine of the opposition and the Governor has also stated that he is not interested in the rehabilitation of any criminal,as anybody who shoots at security agents should be shot dead. The PDP should be informed that the days of political thuggery are over and all forms of violence will not be condoned in the state. I urge them to sheathe all plans of violence as it will be counter productive. If one has a problem with the launch of Operation Kpochapu 2, the question he should be asked if he’s a criminal, only criminals should be worries about the security operation.

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Sir Norbert Obi.
State Chairman APGA
Anambra State.

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