Re:2022 Budget: Anambra University Generates N3.1 bn Revenue in 10 Months

Anambra University

The false and unguarded report of some faceless and unethical journalists about Anambra State University entitled “2022 Budget:Anambra University Generates #3.1bn Revenue in 10 Months” has reached the Management of the University.

The faceless reporter claimed that Prof. Solomon EKwenze during a budget defence said that Anambra University generates 3.1 bn revenue in10 months. This is fallacious and ill-coonceived and embarrassing to the University community.

The public is therefore made to know the following:
1.The publication is malicious and unfounded in fact.

  1. Prof. Solomon Ekwenze is not the Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration but Prof Mathias Ananti .
  2. Prof. Ekwenze Solomon did not make any such statement to the House of Assembly Committee at any time including during the budget defence as no such issue was discussed before the aforesaid committee of the House of Assembly.
  3. The University did not make such an amount of money between January to October 2021 or at any such time.
  4. The publication is, as a matter of fact, most embarrassing to the University community as it is junk, fallacious, and ill-conceived.
    It is therefore obvious that this uncouth and fallacious report from pocket journalists, who do not have addresses, is the manipulation of enemies of the University

The general public is therefore advised to disregard the information and consider that as junk journalism, unprofessional reportage, and manipulations of the enemies of the University.

Prof. Chukwueloka, Christian C
Public Relations Officer
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU)

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