Read What Garba Told Nnamdi Kanu After He Said Herdmen And Cows Shouldn’t Be Discussed In The Country

Some days ago, we all saw the issue of the herdsmen which was making waves on the social media platforms such as Twitter and the rest of it.

This issue is still on and great men of nigeria have actually aired their view on this. The British Nigerian Biafra Political Activist and the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu spoke on the issue about Nigeria being concerned with the issue of herdsmen, open grazing and cows. In quote, here is what he said ” While others nations are on the edge of modernity, Nigeria- the irredeemable ZOO is imprisoned in a medieval discourse about cows, herdsmen and open grazing. When will you people say no to this Cabal that is dumbing down an entire generation? When?”

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After Nnamdi Kanu said that, Adamu Garba II who is the CEO of IPI Group limited replied Nnamdi Kanu with this message, saying “Maybe as he typed this, Mr. Kanu is enjoying Kponmo, Toso, Shaki alongside egusi soup and Akpu bowls. Cows must be discussed even in the country where you take refuge. The issue should be on the process of management of cows, a very important economic necessity than tribal drums”

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