Reasons why Oduduwa agitators will be free before Biafran Agitators

Reasons why Oduduwa agitators will be free before Biafran Agitators

It’s no longer news that a group called Yoruba coalition is agitating for the creation of a Oduduwa Republic.

In their protest, the group’s leader said they are no longer interested in restructuring, he said they want a separate nation like Biafra agitators.

Over the years, IPOB demanded for the same exact thing but today they are labeled as terrorists with their leader Nnamdi Kanu running from one country to another for protection from Nigerian government.

I am not against the agitations for the division of Nigeria but the approach must be carefully selected.

In this article I will be letting you know why Oduduwa agitators will get Their Independence Before Biafra agitators.

Reasons why Oduduwa agitators will be free before Biafran Agitators:

1. The Yorubas have their own armed security Outfit: what do you think made the Yorubas form amotekun? If the entire Yoruba wants to do protest or any political gathering, they use amotekun security.

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When Amotekun was being formed, the federal government and the Fulanis did everything to stop it but they didn’t succeed.

The federal government now instructed them that amotekun should report to IG of police, an indirect way for federal government to control it but the Yorubas refused.

Today amotekun is fully established and it takes order from Yoruba leaders directly.

If the Yorubas want to do anything today, at least they have the protection and security. Nigerian police and Nigerian Army can’t intimidate Yorubas now.

In the future, all the Yoruba leaders and governors might decide that it’s only amotekun that that want as security in government houses and other key area. They might ask the Nigerian police and Army to leave their region.

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2. Oduduwa Republic have the support of all the Yoruba governors: This is a very big mistake Nnamdi Kanu made, when he started, instead of seeking to be in coalition with Igbo political leaders, he chose to insult them, call them all sorts of names. These governors and Leaders are the ones who Paid heavily to establish amotekun. They bought guns, vehicles and everything they needed to work. Let no one deceive you that Igbo political leaders don’t have an contribution towards Biafra agitation. In fact, any day IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu team up with Igbo governors, the same day Biafra will come. Because of the insults and mockery Nnamdi Kanu gave to Igbo leaders, they left him for federal government to kill him. Freedom or Independence is not a man’s mission. It’s collective agreement among those that want to go. In fact one that persons that matters is more important than millions of ordinary citizens who will run away at the firing of teargas. There is no nation in the world that got independent without the participation of core leaders. In Nigeria’s Independence from Britain, it’s the then leaders that pushed it. Hong Kong, Catalonia in Spain, etc have all gotten their Independence but Biafra agitators started many years before them. Those countries, their leaders were at the front of the agitation.

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