Rebuilding Our Hungry Democracy

By Meduoye Adeyinka

There are detailed literature reviews to checkmate the correctness and excesses of those jobbers and marauders at the helm of the nation’s affair and comprehend that government isn’t theirs but ours. Of course, government proceedings should be attuned to the people and for the people, and it is high time for all hands to be on deck to paddle the democratic ship of the nation with tireless sincerity and diligence to ensure all-round equality and sense of belonging in our governance, its polity and policies without inviting the shadow of apathy.

The unfitted garment of the nation developmental status is still much ascribed to the reflection of the degeneration of our societal and leadership standards. The failure to curb the dysfunctional social policy framework that fails to keep the government intention in-line with the genuine democratic expectations of her citizens without recourse – is alarming and disgusting, and thus to the point of constitutional reaffirmation.

It is so heart aching that Nigeria is still not out of the woods even in the advent of civilization, and this should be a matter of concern to all of us. We ought to reflect on our journey so far, by doing the needful in the now and leave a better legacy for posterity to ride on. The aim of building a National identity that will served as a common sense of purpose, a sense of shared destiny, a collective imagination of belonging, and the building of tangible and intangible threads that holds a political entity together and give it a sense of purpose should be considered.

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Nigerians are wailing and groaning under the gravity of collective and scandalous policies. Obviously, those phantoms parading themselves as leaders of the land have lost contact with reality, thus hiding under the weight of collective myopia. Some are tied with acute shortage of vision as they see nothing, hear nothing and feel nothing. They laughed hysterically in committing atrocities and despotic acts all in the name of old age and culture thereby laying negative foundation for posterity.

The manner in which powerful political lords attempt to subject the headship of anti-corruption and security agencies to their whims and caprices and equally attempted to hoodwink them to an unholy submission for prosecuting alleged looters is a clear indication that the democratic values are shabby. The people’s will are subjected; the rule of law is relegated amidst stringent bail conditions. They shamelessly attributed the rise in unemployment to flux of bandits and insurgents without knowing the reverse is the case.

Our renascent democracy is hungry and its dwellers are starving of the dividends accrued to it. The Upper-room is now a safe haven for some faceless cabals masquerading themselves as the commanders of the lord commander even without constitutional attachment. The politics of the land is far from intellectual discourse and engagement but a macabre theatre of deceit and subterfuge. We need intellectual vigor and critical thinking even in the academic circles where the infamous lyric of sex-for-grade is now worshipped and exalted therein leading to the abject degradation and condemnation from spoilers.

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Within the hemisphere of our porous society, the cult of mediocrity and ethical decadence appears to be standing firm and protected. In the edifice of the nation’s custodian of democracy, legal luminaries who have sworn to defend the rule of law, and highly respected religious leaders who are much expected to hold the truth as sacred, now take a bow before ruthless feudal lords and callous military despots.

Democratic principles must be allowed to be fully entrenched to a level where tiers of government are undertaking their responsibilities without interference or conflict with their constitutional duties. Unfortunately this is being abused by leading political figures in other tiers of government promulgating self-serving policies to expand their political control and dominance at the expense of good governance.

Many of those who Nigerians look up to for a sense of direction have shape-shift to praise singers, sycophants, false adulators and ardent propagandists for the oppressors of the Nigerian populace. They uttered without feeling remorseful “There is no hunger in the land; the country is producing enough for self-sufficiency”. What an unguided remark oozing from the tongue of an unbridled and unpatriotic lackey. Isn’t that public betrayal antagonizing the call from the masses? When shall realities be considered above fallacies?

Fellow Nigerians – Is Democracy now a scam? “With 30 naira, you can buy food in Kano and be satisfied”, a once-respected turned stooge muttered without feigning ignorance of the realities of the now. What a statement that has no regard for the human decency. Nigerians have never in history witnessed such a degree of impoverishment, oppression and enslavement from the ruling class. Which way Nigerians? Don’t we think it is high time we need true nationalist(s) to make powerful and fearless interventions on behalf of the destitute and distressed? Those willing to demonstrate and defend the interest of the suffering of the masses for justice and tranquility, and give them new vision for lasting prosperity. Those embroiled in the crucible of proper representation for all and sundry.

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We are seen as “Giant of Africa” not necessarily because of the quality of our national institutions and values, but simply because of our large population and oil wealth. In reality, the greatness of a nation has to be earned, which in turn can be somewhat achievable through the vision and resolve of exemplary men and women, and it is not determined just by the size of its population or the abundance of its natural resources.

Against the backdrop of evil machinations as being propounded and perpetrated by political jobbers and marauders willing to plunge the nation into perpetual ruin days again, the glowing propensity and positive actualization of a better Nigeria is still possible.

Adeyinka writes from Lagos

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