Residents asked to surrender guns for cash in San Francisco

San Francisco Mayor, London Breed

San Francisco Mayor, London Breed, on Wednesday encouraged local residents to turn in their guns in a move aimed at stemming gun violence.

Breed gave the encouragement at a news conference held to announce an upcoming semi-annual gun buyback event later in December.

She called on San Franciscans to hand over their firearms for a cash incentive, including $100 for a handgun and $200 for an assault weapon.

“We’ve made great progress reducing gun-related violence in San Francisco, but any loss of life or injury from guns is unacceptable and has to stop,“ she said.

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However, the event had been in operation since 2014, and so far responsible for the recovery of over 1,000 firearms.

Every weapon collected during the event is melted down and recycled to create jewelry and other goods that are sold to finance future gun buyback events.


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